Wayfarer Southerns overall – report

Sunday’s accurate forecast was for more wind than Saturday and it was expected that the sea state would become more difficult as the tide changed.

After a bit of umming and ahing all the Wayfarers went out to race. The O’Donnells went swimming as did Paul Hughes and Tracey Villa. Mac/Townsend and Whitney/Shelton has an epic battle decided only on the last gybe and short beat to the finish line. The Wilsons were 3rd. As the wind and waves continued to build the race team decided to call it a day.

So just the four races. All to count. Mac/Townsend won them all but were made to fight very hard in each race.

Overall results:

1st Michael Mcnamara/Simon Townsend

2nd Bill Whitney/John Shelton

3rd Andrew/Tom Wilson

4th Tim/Jacqueline Townsend

5th Brian/Liz McKenzie

6th Brian Lamb/Sue Risbridger