W198 Nipegegi – Round Britain 2019

Will Hodshon and Richard Mitchel are attempting to be the first ever team to circumnavigate mainland Britain non-stop and unassisted in an open sailing dinghy, and in the process they’re also hoping to beat the outright fastest open sailing dinghy round Britain record.

Their vessel of choice is of course a Wayfarer and they are working very hard on their beloved MK1 ‘Nipegegi’ W198 over the winter, with the hope of her emerging in the spring like a new boat and ready for further trials before Will and Rich’s provisional start date of the 7th June 2019.

If you’d like to find more about the project check out their website at nipegegiroundbritain.com – it’s full of content detailing all aspects of the attempt, including their 1/5 round Britain summer trial and a link to their new tracking site containing the finalised round Britain route, which incidentally is also the outline of their logo.

While wishing Will and Rich every success  with their circumnavigation, the UKWA wishes to emphasise the degree of difficulty envisaged in this trip and to remind non Wayfarer sailing people who may visit our website not to expect to be able to just buy a Wayfarer and do the same trip.