UK Wayfarer Finale at Bough Beech Sailing Club

Yachts and Yachting report of the season Finale at Bough Beech:

Preview by Tim Townsend:

Wayfarers at Bough Beech © Deborah Maynard

The Wayfarer class is this weekend (13/14 November) looking forward to its final open meeting of the season, the Finale at Bough Beech Sailing Club in the beautiful countryside near Edenbridge, Kent. Looking around the reservoir at the grassy banks and autumn leaves it is easy to remember the words of Hal Borland. “Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.”

Bough Beech is sometimes like that. The golden trees beyond the reservoir offer much. The sky is often blue. The wind blows usually for one day, sometimes for both. The Club is welcoming and the racing keen. Many of the fleet put this event on their “must-do” list even if their support of other meetings during the year has been, shall we say, patchy. So it is that we expect to see, for the first time this season, Martin and Donna Collen (Contessa 32 National Champions 2021), Guy Marks (Wayfarer National Champion 2015) and John Clementson (multiple Graduate and Mirror Champion), all of whom will make the fleet stronger. more