UK Wayfarer Association National and European Championships – 18th – 21st August 2022

As we approach just a week before the Championships begin , the Early Bird reduced entry fee of £85 expired  last Thursday, and is now £100.

Entering now, will greatly assist with our planning of the event to know how many we need to cater for!

The final week before a major championship is always manic so, if you intend to take part, can I please implore you to get your entry in as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to hosting this event and will do all we can to make it a great success.

Regards, David



We have received some feedback that some of you were hoping that we could provide some form of camping on site.  Initially we thought that was unlikely but, we have now reassessed the situation and are able to offer a limited number of spaces for small – 2-person max tents in our dinghy pen.

We are also able to accommodate some spaces for camper vans in the car park.

Both will be allocated on a first-come, first- served basis.

We will also be offering a ferry service across the river at specified times so that those of you staying in B & Bs in the town will be able to leave your car in the town, without having to worry about drink-driving.  The times of the ferry will be published to fit around the times of events and bar closing!!

I hope these added facilities will encourage any of you who may have been hesitant about entering to fill in your entry forms and submit them to me quickly!!!


David Robinson