Tips for getting the best out of the new Forum

The new forum is operational – here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  • you can use the search box in the forums to find topics of interest – put the word you are interested in and it will return all entries featuring your request


  • Some users will find they now have two user records on the website – the username that you registered with on the new website and one automatically loaded in from the old forum. Please only use the username which you registered on the website now. We will be deleting the old forum names over the coming weeks. Only one is required now.


  • Any users of the website can see the content of the forums except for the UKWA section – you don’t need to be logged in


  •  You will need to login to see the UKWA section and post entries in the forums


  • A user who registers on the website will have their record activated if they are a UKWA member by Sarah or the webmaster which will allow them to see certain areas of the website ie ukwa section and to post forum entries and access other areas in the future

John Dighton – UKWA Webmaster