Rigging Set Up Data Sheet

23 February 2007


Mast RakeTape measure hauled up on main halyard, from top black band to underside of mainsheet track in centre of tiller port.

23′ 5″ – 23′ 7″ 7135mm -7190mm

Spreader LengthMeasured from mast-wall to shroud

1′ 8″ / 508mm

Spreader SpanMeasured from shroud to shroud

3′ 2″ / 965mm

Spreader DeflectionFrom luff groove to straight-edge across shrouds

8″ / 203mm

Pre-BendFrom luff groove to main halyard with halliard stretched taut from masthead to mast/gooseneckintersection with rig tension on.

1″/25mm min.- 1½”/ 38mm max

Shroud TensionLight Winds

300 lbs

Medium Winds

330 lbs

Heavy Winds

350 lbs


Centre of Fairlead TrackBearing Surface of Fairlead to Transom

7’9½” / 2375mm

Centre of Fairlead TrackTo centreline (NB track to be parallel with seat)

1’8 7/8″ / 530mm

Suggested fairlead type is HA 4274 or RWO 2500 (Fairleads) with RWO 2700 track and RWO 2770 end-stops. Track to be bolted to seats.
Length of Track

11 7/8″ / 300mm

Bearing Surface of Fairlead to Transom:Light Winds

7’10½” / 2400 mm

Medium Winds

7’9¾” / 2380 mm

Heavy Winds

7’8 5/8″ / 2350 mm

MARK THE GENOA SHEET near the fairlead, making sure that it is the same on both sides and IF IN DOUBT – EASE

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Written by Paul Wren | 23 February 2007

Guide to setting up your Wayfarer rig

By Paul Wren


Long Tape Measure

Rig Tension Gauge

Long Tape Measure

Rig Tension Gauge

Rig Data Sheet


Adjustable Spreaders

Aluminium Mast

Adjustable Mast Step

Highfield Lever or Similar Rig Control



With mast flat on floor set up the spreader deflection and length measurements.
N.B. Make sure that the spreader angle is the same on each side.


Stand the mast in the boat with the shrouds in position. The mast hard up against the mast step aft heel pin but without the pivot pin in position.


Now put the jib up and pull on the required tension. Check this on the shroud with the rig gauge metre


Now measure the rake


Hoist a tape measure up to the top of the mast until 19’ 3″/5867mm comes to the top of the gooseneck black band.


Fix halyard at this point.


Now swing the tape measure aft to the back of the boat and read the measurement at the underside of the mainsheet track (or where the track would be) at the centre of the tiller port.


If the measurement is correct go on to step 5.


Rake too much

Move the pins in the shroud adjusters up

Rake too little

Move the pins in the shroud adjusters down


After this adjustment of the shrouds go back to section 3 and carry on down the list until the required measurement is reached.

N.B. The rig tension will need to be eased each time the shroud adjusters are altered


Now the tricky bit. Does the pivot pin fit through the hole without touching the sides?

IF YES – go to section 6.


Answer the following questions.

When the pivot pin is pushed through the hole, does it jamb against the front or the back of the mast?


Move the mast step pin backwards


Move the mast step pin forwards.


The last thing to check is the mast bend.

Pull the main halyard tight against the mast at the gooseneck and measure from the back of the mast to the halyard at spreader height.

Too little bend

Adjust the spreaders backwards a small amount

Too much bend

Adjust the spreaders forward a small amount


After adjusting the spreaders go back to section 2 and check the measurements again.


Now set the jib fairleads as per the above setting up data sheet.

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