Although regrettably we are no longer able to sell drawings of the Wayfarer centreboard – it has proved impossible to get accurate drawings on film any more – the following link address, however, gives you further links to all you need for foils:-

(Centreboard & Rudder index – includes unofficial (but reliable) drawings from Jens Konge Rasmussen, long-time Chief Measurer of the SWS.)

Also potentially of use are the WIC Rules:

… and the Wayfarer Institute of Technology:

Suggested materials for the centreboard:

Quality hardwood e.g.

  • Utile
  • Khaya
  • Iroko
  • Makore
  • Meranti/Seraya
  • Sapele
  • Agba
  • Afromosia

…or softwoods e.g.

  • Western Red Cedar
  • European Redwood

Sitka Spruce may be used in conjunction with the above hardwoods (maximum 50%)

Alternatively marine plywood based on any of the above hardwoods made to B.S. 1088 or the equivalent and shall be of anti-fracture construction.

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