Spreader length (measured from mast wall to shroud wire)508 mm20"
Distance between spreaders (shroud to shroud)965 mm3' 2"
Distance from mast luff groove to imaginary line between shrouds (at spreader ends)203 mm8"
Rig tension (light, medium, strong wind figures)135 kg, 150 kg, 160kg300 lbs, 330 lbs, 350 lbs
Mast pre-bend25 - 38 mm1" to 1½"
Distance to hoist tape above top of gooseneck black band5867 mm19' 3"
Distance from mast head to underside of track at transom7135 - 7190 mm23' 5" - 23' 7"
Ditto, MkIV boats7210 - 7265 mm23' 8" - 23' 10"
Genoa sheet fairlead distance from transom2375 mm7' 10"
Genoa sheet fairlead distance from centre-line of boat530 mm1' 9"