One of the potential problems of a boat tent – depending on the design – is how you attach the boom to the mast at a higher level than normal. This design from Martin Miller is easy to make using bits readily available from B&Q (other places also sell!)

martins gooseneck full_photo

martins gooseneck full_diag2

The Goose neck is designed to be inserted into the wider section of the mast track where the mainsail feeds into. The top extends beyond the wide section of track and the rope stopper fixes the bottom end in place.

martins gooseneck full_diag1

These dimensions work for my mid ’80s Proctor mast. I know that the new Selden masts have shorter feed slots and with these you can move them up slightly, if you wish. The aluminium can be obtained from B&Q.

If you’d like to download Martin’s diagram, click this link (opens in new tab where possible).

-Martin Miller W7786