PLEASE read these advice sections first, especially the part about frauds & scams.


General advice to sellers:

To maximise your chance of selling please give prospective buyers as much information as possible. The more information you give the more likely you are to attract prospective buyers. Try to include at least one photo of the item, a full description, age and condition. You may also want to include payment and delivery terms. (If you need help with photos please contact UKWA).

Please remember that your advert will potentially reach a worldwide audience, not just UKWA members.

Frauds & Scams:

Classified advertising draws a lot of attention – both good and bad – and not just within the UKWA membership. When selling please be alert for potential signs of possible dubious intent, including:

  • the ‘buyer’ being unaware that the item advertised is a boat (or boat-related)
  • telling you to “consider it sold already”
  • mobile phone text messages with links to view a part exchange
  • offering to list your advert on another website (for a fee)
  • a phone call from somebody pretending to be from your bank and referring to your recent purchase of an advert
  • offering to buy the boat (or item) without seeing it first (use your judgement here)
  • making excuses about why they can’t view it in person (but again use judgement)
  • wanting to pay by some unusual method
  • making excuses about being un-contactable by telephone or e-mail
  • payment from a third party
  • over-payment of any kind; possibly combined with a request to refund a portion, or pay a ‘shipping agent’ on their behalf
  • asking you to log in to your account to view a listing; this is never necessary
  • unlikely or improbable interest; enquiries about a large ship may well come from the other side of the world, but interest in a sailing dinghy is unlikely to come from beyond plausible trailing distance!

If it doesn’t sound right, feel right, or seems to good to be true – don’t continue with it. Google the name or email address of suspicious-sounding responders. Or at least check the list of known scammers (below).

If in doubt, even slightly, please contact UKWA for advice.

*** Please be aware of scams.  These are widespread and not specific to Wayfarers or our website.  They are not all the same – please beware ***

  • A partial list of known or likely scammers can be checked on this page (link opens in new tab).

Here is an account of one vendor’s experience:

“When the advert first appeared (on another website advertising boats) I received a phone call purporting to be from Boat Mart offering to include an advertisement at a reduced price. The caller clearly knew about dinghies, the Wayfarer in particular, and was very plausible on sailing matters. An online order was placed using my debit card in the usual way. Shortly after this I received a text from my bank, the Halifax, asking if I had authorised a payment to Western Union of £540.40. This attempted fraud was nipped in the bud and did not take place, but you may wish to be aware.

“There were a number of other attempted ‘scams’ related to the sale but in each case when I entered the email address on Google there were a number of people warning about the said email addresses. I mention this in passing as you may well be aware of the situation.”

UKWA's terms of business:
  • The UK Wayfarer Association welcomes adverts for Wayfarer dinghies and/or Wayfarer-related items ONLY, both Wanted and For Sale.
  • Advertising is free of charge for UKWA members. We are pleased to run Wayfarer-related adverts for non-members of UKWA, but there is a £25 charge for doing so. If you are a non UKWA member and wish to advertise, please contact Sarah Burgess;
  • Adverts for boats only are automatically included in the next edition of our full-colour magazine, Wayfarer News.
  • Adverts are clear to run for up to 12 months, when they will be automatically deleted. (If still for sale, items/boats can always be re-advertised by the owner). We do ask that adverts are removed as soon as boats/items are sold, to keep the list as up-to-date as possible.
  • Further Wayfarers for purchase may be available from Ian Porter at
Uploading photos:

To avoid frustration, before uploading any photos please note the following requirements:-

  • Up to four images may be uploaded per advert
  • Each image file should be at least 20 KB but not more than 3 MB
  • Each image should be between 200 and 1024 pixels (width) by 200 to 768 pixels (height). Larger photos will automatically be resized to be within these dimensions. Note that the max size is based on a 4:3 aspect ratio (landscape), and thumbnails will be square images cropped from the centre of your photos, so it’s best to shoot with this in mind.

We are constantly reviewing these requirements – please contact the web team if you wish to express an opinion.

Identification of boats:

All Wayfarers should have their boat number recorded on their hull. This is how a boat is identified. The number is either carved on the inside of the upstand of the transom (wooden boats) or on a metal plaque (usually, but not always, fixed to the aft slope of the centreboard case). This number should correspond to the number on the sails, but, if the numbers differ, it is the number on the boat which is the boat’s official number. A boat without a plaque/carved number may not officially be raced as a Wayfarer.

Potential purchasers (of wooden hulled boats in particular) should be aware that not all boats have been measured in the past. Also, some hulls that have been measured may subsequently have been altered and therefore may need to be re-measured and any alterations might need to be corrected. Boats are not permitted to race without a Measurement and Buoyancy Certificate (except in certain limited cases).


Please note that these are classified ads placed by private individuals, including both members and non-members of UKWA.

Placing a free advert is one of the many benefits of UKWA membership. However, non-members are invited to pay to place an advert, which can be done here.

All adverts must then be approved by the Class Secretary before they can go ‘live’.

Of course, non-members are very welcome to join the UKWA and enjoy all the benefits of membership, including being able to place their advert free of charge.

Spreaders and bracket wanted
Total views: 3
Price: £ 0.00
I am looking for a set of spreaders to fit an old mast or a whole mast if it was within an hour of Wetherby....
Wayfarer mainsail - offers invited: proceeds to go to local Dementia charity  - please dig deep
Total views: 62
Price: £ 0.01
Price is not a penny as shown here; offers are invited and proceeds to go to the local Dementia charity, as below. Wayfarer Dinghy main sail - in very good "crispy" condition. All stitching is correct and tight. 3 battens....
Wayfarer 8105
Total views: 52
Price: £ 1.00
I am looking at my options for this boat. Considering selling it for parts. Centreboard broken, front was rammed into a jetty by previous owner, small dent and hole. Small hole underneath and also small crease in gelcoat, bad bits....
W10182 World GRP "Clementine!"
Total views: 232
Price: £ 4,250.00
Good condition. White Hull with grey deck and floor. Built by Porters circa 2000. Proctor mast and boom. 2 x main sails with reefing points, 1 x racing genoa, 1 x jib, all in used but good condition. Plus 1...
Mast and rigging
Total views: 30
Price: £ 0.00
Looking to replace my mast soon Mine has started to show its age a bit and now starting the proses of looking what's about befor I went down the route of a new one....
W1403 Mark 1 Moore’s built
Total views: 710
Price: £ 560.00
Genuine ‘Woody’ owned since new in 1966, well maintained and kept garaged all its life and ready to sail away ! Trailer only 5 years old cost £560! Boat Has never been modified except aft hatch cover renewed and Rudder...
WANTED : Set of Bench seats for Mk4
Total views: 11
Price: £ 0.00
Looking for a set of GRP aft bench seats with fittings for Hartley Mk4 Wayfarer,...
W8583 Moore’s mark 2GRP with yellow deck
Total views: 582
Price: £ 1,500.00
Moore’s mark 2GRP with yellow deck, faded but in unpainted original condition, white and blue hull. Sail number 8583 built 1988 with new Trident cruising and jib sails July 2013 used by me 2017/18 Proctor alloy mast and boom, self...
W315 Wooden Wayfarer for Sale
Total views: 245
Price: £ 300.00
W315 Wayfarer needs someone who can bring her back to life. Only snag is a bit of soft wood at the bottom of the Centre board casing which I am not talented enough to do. Launch trolley, lovely wooden Centre...
W3730 MK1 GRP
Total views: 902
Price: £ 2,750.00
In excellent condition. One of the best around, been dry stored for years, not even one gelcoat star crack. Not the usual sailing school Wayfarer. Full set of side benches ,twin s/s bailers ,Proctor mast and boom. 1 suit of...
Aft and Forward Hatch Covers for MK1 GRP Wanted
Total views: 18
Price: £ 0.00
It's a longshot but we're looking for replacment aft and forward hatch covers for our MK1 GRP as ours have been lost overboard :(...
Sew your own boat tent kit
Total views: 886
Price: £ 295.00
Looking to buy a boat tent but don't want to pay £625 for a brand new one? Then you may consider sewing your own. I can provide all the pre-cut panels and everything else you need to sew it; zips,thread,...
Sails wanted
Total views: 52
Price: £ 0.00
Set of sails wanted for messing about with grandkids. Can arrange collection...
Wanted: Cruising Main (& Genoa)
Total views: 30
Price: £ 0.00
Would anyone have a cruising main and ideally a cruising genoa also in reasonable condition and willing to post to N. Ireland?...
Set of front benches for Mk1, Mk1a, Plus S
Total views: 318
Price: £ 30.00
Just finished refurbishing these Wayfarer benches. Beautiful and almost perfect condition, stripped and varnished in 2-pack. Will fit any Mk1 wooden, GRP or composite, Mk1a, etc. Location: Dereham (Norfolk)...
W34 “Redskin” First year of production WOODY! Built by Small Craft Limited in 1958.
Total views: 1025
Price: £ 2,950.00
A much-loved family boat, Redskin has been club raced and used for picnics since 2005. Now also own Father's Vagabond W32 and am told one woody in the family is enough! Updates to Redskin’s original rig include converting to Harken...
mk1 wayfarer centre board please, can anyone trying to get this boat up and running...
Total views: 81
Price: £ 0.00
Can anyone help please Im trying to get a mk 1 grp boat up and running and the last pice of the puzzle is a centre board, cannot afford £500, does anyone have a spare for sale please. Many thanks...
Sew your own spray dodger kit
Total views: 403
Price: £ 73.00
Here is an easy to sew spray dodger made from 7oz PU coated Polyester. All panels are pre-cut and everything you need to make and fit your dodger is included. You will also receive a step by step illustrated guide...
W8686 "Bizarre"  Porters Built Woody
Total views: 1800
Price: £ 3,900.00
Built 14.04.1989 Measurement Certificate Sovereign Combi Trailer 10" Wheels (Spare Trailer Wheel) Trailing Cover Rain and Sun Top of range Dinghy Cover Spare Centreboard Set up for Racing Successful racing career with lots of wins and medals Excellent condition for...
Jib (not Genoa) wanted.
Total views: 31
Price: £ 0.00
In at least reasonable condition, please.  Reasonable price paid...
Wooden boom x 2
Total views: 97
Price: £ 0.00
I have two wooden Wayfarer booms. They seem in good order. Free but collection only....
Selden silver mast
Total views: 335
Price: £ 700.00
As new 2019 Selden Wayfarer mast. All standing and running rigging. £950.00 new!! Location: Dereham (Norfolk)...
Complete rudder assembly
Total views: 302
Price: £ 400.00
Complete rudder. Laminated mahogany, epoxy glass sheathed blade. Solid mahogany stock and hood to take an alloy tiller. Downhaul and uphaul fitted. This is a beautiful rudder, strong, efficient and looks good. Location: Dereham (Norfolk)...
Foils, benches and sails (updated 11/01/2019)
Total views: 442
Price: £ 0.00
I have some booms, used sails, benches f/ward and aft, I think a centreboard, I would need measurements to check, rudder stocks and blades, possibly tillers, one hatch cover (light blue, deep, so I think Mk2), a couple of older...