UK Wayfarer Finale at Bough Beech Sailing Club

Wayfarers at Bough Beech © Deborah Maynard

Where should I start this report? Should I begin by saying that I missed the racing on Saturday because I was in a persistently precipitating Portsmouth (and wondering whether the weather was just as lovely on the Kent/Surrey border)? Or should I commence by saying that when I phoned a crew member of one of the competing boats to ask her to send me the overnight results I was greeted not with the usual cheery “hello” but with an anguished “we were robbed!!” I was intrigued and needed to know more. more

Wayfarer Western Area Championship at Arun Yacht Club

-Report by Nick Rusbridge

2017 Wayfarer National Championship at Arun © Sue Blessett

After re-arranging this event from August, Arun YC was pleased to welcome 11 visitors and 5 boats.

On Saturday, the competitors had a WSW F4 -5 with a choppy sea state. However, the Race Management Team was still able to get in the three scheduled races. There had been a rumour that a fourth race may be added on the day, but after three very challenging races, the fleet was more than happy to be returned to the safety of the more

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1st11093Andrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC11(2)1115
2nd10673David RobertsTegwyn TrickerBough Beech SC(3)2133211
3rd11170Brian LambTristram WebbWilsonian SC2(5)422313
4th10878Scott HamiltonSue RisbridgerDatchet Water SC(5)3344418
5th11129Paul HughesCam HughesArun YC445(OCS)5DNS24

Wayfarer Open at Hickling Broad Sailing Club

Wayfarers at Hickling Broad © HBSC

Wayfarers at Hickling Broad © HBSC

Hickling Broad Sailing Club held their Wayfarer Open on Saturday 12th October on what turned out to be initially a grey damp day with F2-3 winds instead of the forecast F3-4 with no rain. Five Wayfarers competed – four from HBSC and one traveller who had come all the way from Kent to North Norfolk.

The first race started in light rain and from the first beat Peter Dearnley (10799) and Tim Townsend (11012) developed a healthy lead over the other three boats and continued to stretch away over the course of the two lap race. Peter won the first race with Tim second and Tony Lewis (8599) more

Wayfarer International and UKWA National Championship 2019 at Greystones Sailing Club

Wayfarer International Championship 2019 © Alan Jones

The Wayfarer International Championship takes place every three years and in 2019 was hosted by Greystones SC, Co Wicklow, a few miles south of Dublin. The event was sponsored by Craftinsure, Hartley Boats, Allen Brothers, Irish Ferries and The Beach House, Greystones; and included the UKWA National Championship and the Irish Championship.

The 2016 iteration of the International Championship was held at Heeg in the Netherlands. In that event former Danish Olympic Star representative Mogens Just, crewed by Anders Friis, had prevailed over multiple Wayfarer International and UK National Champions, Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend by just a single point after the two teams had dominated a predominantly light air series. Two years later at the European Championships in Assens, Denmark, McNamara and Townsend retained the European title they had won in 2014 at Weymouth. Once again the competition with Just and Friis had taken the two pairs away from the rest of the fleet and the result might have been closer had Mogens Just been fully fit. more

UKWA National Championship Overall Results:

PosFleetSail NoNatHelmCrewClubPracticeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1stGold10648GBRMichael McNamaraSimon TownsendRollesby Broad SC(DNF)111(3)11(2)5
2ndGold11093GBRAndrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC(1)(2)(2)212218
3rdGold10688GBRBill WhitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC(2)(3)3323(DNF)314
4thGold10686GBRBrian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC(4)75447(10)(DNF)27
5thGold10673GBRDavid RobertsTegwyn TrickerBough Beech SC(7)(15)6(DSQ)684428
6thGold11012GBRTim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC(10)476(8)(11)6730
7thGold11170GBRBrian LambSam PygallWilsonian SC(6)(14)85(11)108536
8thSilver10018IRLJohn TurnerKen LeeGreystones SC(5)(DNS)13(DNS)1093944
9thGold10794GBRMatthew ScottFreddie ScottNorfolk Punt Club(9)5181076(DNC)(DNC)46
10thGold10974GBRRichard StoneCatherine GoreMedway YC(DNS)9413(DNS)(DNC)91550
11thSilver11183GBRMike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC(15)(DNF)1412(17)513650
12thSilver10716GBRChas HammondMandy HammondShoreham SC(3)(DNS)1014164(DSQ)852
13thSilver10111IRLCiaran KeoghAdam LeddyGreystones SC(18)13169(DNS)(DNS)51053
14thGold10947GBRStewart ColtartCatriona ColtartMedway YC(14)69185(DNC)(25)1755
15thSilver10934IRLSeamus O'CleirighStephen TiernanGreystones SC(12)121111(13)1211(20)57
16thSilver11211GBRMark LeeJane LeeMedway YC(13)1015(DNS)12(18)71458
17thGold11152IRLNorman LeePeter KennedyGreystones SC(19)(DNS)12714(DNS)141158
18thSilver10596IRLGordon JessRachel BevanEast Down YC(11)819(26)181315(DNC)73
19thSilver11282GBRNigel O'DonnellBelinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC(17)(DNF)(22)151514181274
20thSilver10826IRLMargaret HynesMike HayesCullaun SC(16)11(23)20(21)16191379
21stSilver11118GBRJohn GoudieEwan Fleming / Evan Dargan HayesWilsonian SC(20)1617(22)191912(DNC)83
22ndSilver11167GBRKenneth UnderhillGail PennyAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)2021(22)17161993
23rdSilver11299IRLMonica SchaeferMiriam McCarthyGreystones SC(DNF)(DNS)(25)16242120.51899.5
24thBronze11039IRLDavid LawlorRachel / Patrick LawlorNational YC(21)17(29)(31)27232422113
25thBronze11129GBRPaul HughesTracey VillaArun YC(8)(DNS)21(DNS)DNF1520.516113.5
26thBronze10798GBRPeter RedshawJanette RedshawAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)262726(DNC)2223124
27thBronze11268GBRKeith MaxwellKaren McCallionEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNS)302320DNC21135
28thBronze10935IRLMargie CrawfordElaine VoganEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)2424(DNS)DNS2324136
29thBronze11000GBRLiz FeibuschWill CleverleyOrford SC(DNS)(DNS)31179(DNC)DNFDNC139
30thBronze1611IRLGordon ReidFinlay ReidEast Down YC(22)(DNF)282829(DNS)2628139
31stBronze11107GBRTony GearyYvette GearyWaldringfield SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)8DNSDNS17DNC148
32ndBronze10509IRLTony GarryJoey DempseyBray SC(23)(DNF)303430(DNS)2827149
33rdBronze1846IRLDamien BrennanBarry KeoghGreystones SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)33DNF223026152
34thBronze10803GBRJonathan ChristieEllie ChristieAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)1920DNSDNCDNC162
35thBronze9159GBRTom MorrisGreg MorrisQueen Mary SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)32DNFDNS2725166
36thBronze10695GBRJohn MillerRosemary MillerEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)272928(DNC)DNCDNC166
37thBronze10939IRLDavid NixonMorgan BurgessGreystones SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)2325DNCDNCDNC171
38thBronze7038IRLDavid DoranIzak KielmovitchWexford Harbour BTC(DNS)(DNS)32(DNS)DNCDNC29DNC184
39thBronze404GBRRodney HallTony HillEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)25DNSDNCDNCDNC189
40thBronze6557IRLMichael HaigNiamh HaigCullaun SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)DNSDNSDNCDNCDNC205

International Championship Overall Results:

PosFleetSail NoNatHelmCrewClubPracticeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1stGold10648GBRMichael McNamaraSimon TownsendRollesby Broad SC(DNF)211(4)21(3)7
2ndGold10812DENMogens JustAnders FriisKaløvig Bådelaug(DNS)12(4)(3)1318
3rdGold11093GBRAndrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC(1)(3)3213(5)211
4thGold10688GBRBill WhitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC(3)(6)5325(DNF)520
5thGold11219DENNiels AlslevAnders PjeturssonFarum Sejlklub(2)4455(6)(8)422
6thGold11123DENBjarne LindquistJan St NielsenHo Bugt Sejlklub(14)5(13)6642(34)23
7thGold11031DENChristian Elkjær IversenJørgen IversenFarum Sejlklub(4)(13)77874(11)33
8thGold10908DENChristian Milert HansenKim Fremlev LarsenFarum Sejlklub(DNS)76(9)78(16)735
9thGold10787DENJan KjeldsenJørgen BinzerHerslev Strand SK(6)8(11)8(10)96637
10thGold11006DENStephan Nandrup‑BusHans Wiggers HansenHerslev Strand SK(DNF)981111(17)(35)847
11thGold10686GBRBrian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC(7)141010913(15)(DNF)56
12thGold10673GBRDavid RobertsTegwyn TrickerBough Beech SC(10)(23)12(DSQ)13149957
13thGold11012GBRTim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC(13)101413(15)(18)111361
14thGold11170GBRBrian LambSam PygallWilsonian SC(9)(21)1512(18)16131066
15thSilver10018IRLJohn TurnerKen LeeGreystones SC(8)(DNS)20(DNS)171571574
16thGold10794GBRMatthew ScottFreddie ScottNorfolk Punt Club(12)1125171412(DNS)(DNF)79
17thGold10974GBRRichard StoneCatherine GoreMedway YC(DNS)16920(DNS)(DNC)142180
18thSilver11183GBRMike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC(20)(DNF)2119(24)11191282
19thSilver10716GBRChas HammondMandy HammondShoreham SC(5)(DNS)17212310(DSQ)1485
20thSilver10111IRLCiaran KeoghAdam LeddyGreystones SC(23)202316(DNS)(DNS)101685
21stGold10947GBRStewart ColtartCatriona ColtartMedway YC(19)12162512(DNC)(34)2388
22ndSilver11211GBRMark LeeJane LeeMedway YC(18)1722(DNS)19(26)122090
23rdGold11152IRLNorman LeePeter KennedyGreystones SC(24)(DNS)191421(DNS)201791
24thSilver10934IRLSeamus O'CleirighStephen TiernanGreystones SC(16)191818(20)1917(28)91
25thSilver10596IRLGordon JessRachel BevanEast Down YC(15)1526(35)252021(DNF)107
26thSilver11282GBRNigel O'DonnellBelinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC(22)(DNF)(29)2222212518108
27thSilver10826IRLMargaret HynesMike HayesCullaun SC(21)18(31)28(29)232619114
28thSilver11118GBRJohn GoudieEwan Fleming / Evan Dargan HayesWilsonian SC(26)2424(30)262718(DNF)119
29thSilver11167GBRKenneth UnderhillGail PennyAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)2729(30)252226129
30thBronze9644CANKit WallaceJonathan DartToronto S & CC(DNS)(DNS)35(DNS)27242424134
31stSilver11299IRLMonica SchaeferMiriam McCarthyGreystones SC(DNF)(DNS)(34)2332313025141
32ndSilver11225DENMeike Fomsgaard FrankeAnne JensenHo Bugt Sejlklub(17)(DNF)(38)2635302727145
33rdSilver11280CANScott RamsayLes SherrattConestoga SC(30)22303634(DNC)(DNF)30152
34thBronze11129GBRPaul HughesTracey VillaArun YC(11)(DNS)28(DNS)DNF222822154
35thSilver9648CANRobert WierdsmaSamantha WierdsmaMississauga YC(25)2636(40)(38)283232154
36thBronze11039IRLDavid LawlorRachel / Patrick LawlorNational YC(27)25(41)(42)37323331158
37thBronze10798GBRPeter RedshawJanette RedshawAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)373736(DNC)2933172
38thBronze11268GBRKeith MaxwellKaren McCallionEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNS)413129DNF29184
39thBronze10935IRLMargie CrawfordElaine VoganEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)3332(DNS)DNS3135185
40thBronze11000GBRLiz FeibuschWill CleverleyOrford SC(DNS)(DNS)432416(DNC)DNFDNF191
41stBronze1611IRLGordon ReidFinlay ReidEast Down YC(28)(DNF)403840(DNS)3639193
42ndBronze11107GBRTony GearyYvette GearyWaldringfield SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)15DNSDNS23DNF200
43rdBronze10509IRLTony GarryJoey DempseyBray SC(29)(DNF)424541(DNS)3838204
44thBronze10803GBRJonathan ChristieEllie ChristieAldeburgh YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)2728DNSDNFDNF217
45thBronze9159GBRTom MorrisGreg MorrisQueen Mary SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)43DNFDNS3736224
46thBronze10695GBRJohn MillerRosemary MillerEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)393939(DNC)DNFDNF225
47thBronze10939IRLDavid NixonMorgan BurgessGreystones SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)3133DNCDNFDNF226
48thBronze9059USAJim HeffernanMark HeffernanLake Townsend YC(DNS)(DNS)3233(DNS)DNCDNFDNF227
49thBronze1846IRLDamien BrennanBarry KeoghGreystones SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)44DNFDNC4137230
50thBronze7038IRLDavid DoranIzak KielmovitchWexford Harbour BTC(DNS)(DNS)44(DNS)DNCDNC39DNF245
51stBronze9738USAJohn CadmanPatty KuntzLake Eustis SC(RET)(DNS)45(DNS)DNSDNC40DNF247
52ndBronze404GBRRodney HallTony HillEast Down YC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)34DNSDNCDNSDNF250
53rdBronze6557IRLMichael HaigNiamh HaigCullaun SC(DNS)(DNS)(DNF)DNSDNSDNCDNFDNF270

New Champions Crowned

Friday was the final day of the Wayfarer International and UK National Championships 2019 sponsored by Craftinsure, Hartley Boats, Allen Brothers and Irish Ferries.

Going into the last day just 1 point separated the leaders, Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend, from the reigning champions from Denmark, Mogens Just and Anders Friis. The forecast was for winds of 15-20 knots to decrease during the day to 9-11 knots and Tom Rusbridge, the PRO intended to sail three races, possibly four to conclude the event. more

Wayfarer Internationals Days 3 & 4

Wednesday 24th July was designated catch-up Wednesday with up to 4 races planned in a forecast 13-18 knots.

Race 3 (which had been abandoned the previous day when the wind failed) was re-sailed under a black flag with a few boats prohibited from taking part under the black flag rule. The main protagonists were at the front again this time joined by Bill Whitney and John Shelton. The conditions for this race were perfect at the start with most of the fleet enjoying fantastic three sail reaches. The wind built as the race progressed however making the reaches on the final lap more challenging. The race was won by McNamara/Townsend followed by the Wilsons and Whitney/Shelton. more

Wayfarer Internationals Daily Update

Report from Greystones, Day Two

Tuesday morning dawned still windy and with a difficult sea state which the PRO thought might deter the less experienced or confident racers from racing so a decision was taken to postpone for a couple of hours and see if the wind would moderate which it was forecast to do.

Racing eventually started at about 1400hrs with a full fleet in attendance and (Race 2) a triangle/sausage course of three rounds was completed in a slowly softening breeze. The winner of this by a comfortable margin was Mike McNamara and Simon Townsend. more

Wayfarer Internationals Daily Update

Report from Greystones, Day One:-

After two days of measuring and registration racing got underway on Monday with a practice race and Race 1. Numbers were depleted a little in the practice race and there were a number of capsizes and retirements as winds topped out at 24 knots with a confused chop over a swell.

Winners of the practice race and the Idlers Bucket were Andrew and Tom Wilson followed by two Danish boats.

Winners of Race 1 were Mogens Just and Anders Friis followed by Mike Mac and Simon Townsend and Andrew and Tom. more

Wayfarer Southern Area Championship at Shoreham SC – report by Tim Townsend

Wayfarer Southern Area Championship at Shoreham © Warwick Baker /

The Craftinsure Wayfarer National Circuit and Travellers Series resumed after a four week break with the Southern Area Championship hosted by Shoreham Sailing Club. more

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4Pts
1st10648Michael McNamaraSimon TownsendRollesby Broad SC11114
2nd10688Bill WitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC233210
3rd11093Andrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC322310
4th11012Tim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC544922
5th10686Brian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC456722
6th11170Brian LambSue RisbridgerWilsonian SC765624
7th10716Chas HammondMandy HammondShoreham SC878427
8th11183Mike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC689528
9th10556Michael DillistoneAndrew CriswickCastle Cove SC91010837
10th11282Nigel O'DonnellBelinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC11117DNF41
11th11129Paul HughesTracey VillaArun YC10911DNF42

Wayfarer Southerns overall

Sunday’s accurate forecast was for more wind than Saturday and it was expected that the sea state would become more difficult as the tide changed.

After a bit of umming and ahing all the Wayfarers went out to race. The O’Donnells went swimming as did Paul Hughes and Tracey Villa. Mac/Townsend and Whitney/Shelton has an epic battle decided only on the last gybe and short beat to the finish line. The Wilsons were 3rd. As the wind and waves continued to build the race team decided to call it a day.

So just the four races. All to count. Mac/Townsend won them all but were made to fight very hard in each race.

Overall results:

1st Michael Mcnamara/Simon Townsend

2nd Bill Whitney/John Shelton

3rd Andrew/Tom Wilson

4th Tim/Jacqueline Townsend

5th Brian/Liz McKenzie

6th Brian Lamb/Sue Risbridger