Wayfarer Southern Area Championship at Shoreham SC – report by Tim Townsend

Wayfarer Southern Area Championship at Shoreham © Warwick Baker / www.warwickpics.com

The Craftinsure Wayfarer National Circuit and Travellers Series resumed after a four week break with the Southern Area Championship hosted by Shoreham Sailing Club. ...read more

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4Pts
1st10648Michael McNamaraSimon TownsendRollesby Broad SC11114
2nd10688Bill WitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC233210
3rd11093Andrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC322310
4th11012Tim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC544922
5th10686Brian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC456722
6th11170Brian LambSue RisbridgerWilsonian SC765624
7th10716Chas HammondMandy HammondShoreham SC878427
8th11183Mike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC689528
9th10556Michael DillistoneAndrew CriswickCastle Cove SC91010837
10th11282Nigel O'DonnellBelinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC11117DNF41
11th11129Paul HughesTracey VillaArun YC10911DNF42

Wayfarer Southerns overall

Sunday’s accurate forecast was for more wind than Saturday and it was expected that the sea state would become more difficult as the tide changed.

After a bit of umming and ahing all the Wayfarers went out to race. The O’Donnells went swimming as did Paul Hughes and Tracey Villa. Mac/Townsend and Whitney/Shelton has an epic battle decided only on the last gybe and short beat to the finish line. The Wilsons were 3rd. As the wind and waves continued to build the race team decided to call it a day.

So just the four races. All to count. Mac/Townsend won them all but were made to fight very hard in each race.

Overall results:

1st Michael Mcnamara/Simon Townsend

2nd Bill Whitney/John Shelton

3rd Andrew/Tom Wilson

4th Tim/Jacqueline Townsend

5th Brian/Liz McKenzie

6th Brian Lamb/Sue Risbridger

Day 1 Southern Championships at Shoreham SC.

Day 1 Southern Championships at Shoreham SC.

The wind was softer than expected but three races was still hard work. The sun shone for the briefing but not for the racing. The tide was out when we came ashore. Loads of mud. We did three triangle/sausage races of four rounds. Andrew and Tom Wilson led at the first windward mark but that was the only time Mac and Simon Townsend were headed all day. Three wins for them. Lovely three sail reaches.

Overall at the end of day 1:

1st, Mac/Townsend

2nd, Andrew/Tom Wilson

3rd, Bill Whitney/John Shelton

4th, Tim/Jacqueline Townsend

5th, Brian/Liz McKenzie

6th, Brian Lamb/Sue Risbridger.

Eastern Area Championship at Medway YC – Report by Tim Townsend

Wayfarer Eastern Area Championship at Medway YC © Paul Babington

Wayfarer Eastern Area Championship at Medway YC © Paul Babington

It was inevitable that the Wayfarer Eastern Area Championship, which also counted as Event #3 in the Craftinsure National Circuit and Travellers Series, would provide a very different challenge to the two fresh water, non tidal, open meetings that had gone before as competitors looked forward to strong tides and the forecast light to moderate winds on the River Medway.

There were 22 entries for the Easterns with most of the main protagonists present. The forecast overnight was for very light conditions on Saturday with slightly stronger breezes expected on Sunday. This, combined with Spring tides, would make interesting and difficult conditions for the competitors and race team alike. ...read more

PosSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
111120Ultimate FiascoGuy MarksMel TitmusBough Beech SC1114(6)310
211093RestlessAndrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet Water SC644(7)1116
310974No NameRichard StoneCatherine GoreMedway YC2(9)633216
411170WhizoBrian LambSam PygallWilsonian SC(9)7224419
510688Big DipperBill WhitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC4235(10)721
610947QuicksilverStewart ColtartCatriona ColtartMedway YC8(11)1017531
711118Happy Ever AfterJohn GoudieSam BonifaceWilsonian SC36(17)132832
811211Senior MomentMark LeeJane LeeMedway YC53910(17)1138
910686Hercules HoundBrian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC118798(13)43
1010673LBVDavid RobertsTegwyn TrickerBough Beech SC105(16)8121045
1111012IntermezzoTim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC1210811(15)950
1210614Loose KnotsMark PennyGail PennyMedway YC13(19)51791256
1311282Guinness IINigel O'DonnellBelinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC151712611(18)61
148595No ProblemSimon WinnSarah MasonMedway YC715(DNC)15131767
1510666Devil's AdvocateRoger GibbsStan BedwellMedway YC(DNC)DNCDNC125669
169416Blueberry TartScott HamiltonMathew HodgeDatchet Water SC(17)131114161569
1711129YoloPaul HughesCharles TaylorArun YC14121318(19)1673
1810875Wild ThingMike PimmPeter DilleyMedway YC16(18)1516141475
1910615La RiveAlberto QuagliaAndrew HowardMedway YC181614(20)201987
2010937MbunaJames BuckleyAleks ScimiloesMedway YC1914181918(20)88
2111183NomadMike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC115
2210837Little AngelJonathan DavisAshley DavisMedway YC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC115

Wayfarer Easterns: Day 2 and Results

After an excellent dinner and quiz on Saturday evening, 20 Wayfarers resumed play on Sunday. After waking to fog and little wind, a short postponement to proceedings was inevitable. However, the RO and his team managed to get three more races run in challenging wind and tidal conditions which clocked right during the day. Race 4 was won by Stewart and Catriona Coltart who took advantage of a mistake by the early leaders, Guy Marks and Mel Titmus, who over-stood the windward mark layline. Races 5 and 6 were won by Andrew and Tom Wilson.

Overall (top six):

1st, Guy Marks and Mel Titmus, 10pts
2nd, Andrew and Tom Wilson, 16pts
3rd, Richard Stone and Catherine Gore, 16pts
4th, Brian Lamb and Sam Pygall, 19pts
5th, Bill Whitney and John Shelton, 21pts
6th, Stewart and Catriona Coltart, 31pts

Winners Guy (r) and Mel with MYC Commodore Mark Penny, photo courtesy of Jamie Blair.

Full report to follow.

-Tim Townsend

W Easterns at Medway YC: Day One

22 entries for the Easterns at MYC. Very light winds caused a postponement ashore for a couple of hours and the RO miraculously got away 3 races on a falling tide. Short beats and long runs. Lots of rafting at the leeward mark.

Guy Marks and Mel Titmus dominates the day and won all three races at a canter. Several other boats had podium places but lacked the consistency to pressurise the leaders.

-Tim Townsend

End of day 1:
1st Marks/Titmus 3 pts
2nd Whitney/Shelton 9 pts
3rd Wilson/Wilson 14 pts

Champagne reception now followed by dinner. Tomorrow is another day.

Craftinsure Wayfarer National Circuit Event 2 at West Oxfordshire Sailing Club

– Report by Sam Pygall & Tim Townsend

West Oxfordshire SC Wayfarer Open © WOSC

The Craftinsure UK Wayfarer National Circuit (NCS) and Travellers continued over the weekend of the 27/28th April as West Oxfordshire Sailing Club (WOSC) hosted the second event of the series, in a shared event with the Wanderer Inlands.

Seven local boats were joined by four visitors from as a far afield as Swarkestone, Medway/Wilsonian and Datchet. A meeting at WOSC has become a familiar fixture for the Wayfarers in recent years, presenting a stern test of boat handling in restricted inland waters before you add the challenge that the weather may bring! ...read more

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1st11170Brian LambSam PygallWilsonian SC/ Medway YC(3)12227
2nd11183Mike WeighillCarl MartinSwarkestone SC12(4)4411
3rd11093Andrew WilsonSue RisbridgerDatchet Water SC(DNC)DNC11115
4th11282Nigel O'DonnellMichael O'Donnell/ Belinda O'DonnellSwarkestone SC(DNC)336315
5th10849Alex NairacMark JenningsWest Oxfordshire SC2567(9)20
6th11174Andrew DayJohn WhitesideWest Oxfordshire SC(DNF)DNC53525
7th10755Les BurtonGraham ParryWest Oxfordshire SC(DNF)498829
8thWOSC1Andrew TurberfieldMarion TurberfieldWest Oxfordshire SC(DNF)DNC75630
9th9619Sue BurtonPauline DobbsWest Oxfordshire SC(DNC)DNF89736
10th8080George EdmondsonLucia WinrowWest Oxfordshire SC(DNC)DNC10101042
11th9169Matt BattertonJudi JenningsWest Oxfordshire SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC48

Wayfarer Inland Championship at Datchet Water SC (+ results)

photo of winning duo

Wayfarer Inlands – Winners, Simon Townsend (l) and Michael McNamara © Anthony Cooper

Hosted by Datchet Water Sailing Club, the Wayfarer Inlands and first event of the Craftinsure National Circuit (NCS) and Travellers Series got under way over the weekend of the 6/7th April with thirteen Wayfarers in attendance, with four home boats joining nine visitors including last year’s NCS champions Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend and runners-up Andrew and Tom Wilson. Several other seasoned Wayfarer circuit regulars were in attendance, although there were a few absences because of illness and injury.

On the first day, races 1 and 2 were held in a steady F3-4, with a decreasing breeze in race 3. Many competitors had not had a tremendous amount of sailing since the Circuit Finale at Bough Beech last year and used the event as a shake-down before the season’s main events including the Internationals in Ireland in July. To test the boat-handling of the teams, the race officer and his team adopted an interesting and previously little used (on the Wayfarer circuit at least) “reversed P course” that combines triangle and sausage in a single lap, enabled by having a huge beat the length of the reservoir.

Playing the shifts and having the courage of your convictions in choosing a side and sticking to it invariably paid on the first day where position round the windward mark on the first round went a long way to deciding your overall finish position as the racing was largely processional at times.

As predicted, a titanic tussle began to develop at the front of the fleet between the front-runners from last season (McNamara/Townsend and Wilson/Wilson). The Wilsons just edged day one with two bullets to McNamara’s one, winning races 2 and 3 and only narrowly being pipped in race 1 by the downwind cunning and guile of McNamara and Townsend. At the end of day 1, Lamb/Pygall were the “best of the rest” with a consistent score line of three 3s just ahead of a very congested midfield pack that John Goudie/Sam Boniface led ahead of the Dynamic O’Donnells. ...read more

Wayfarer Class Racing Review 2018

(Article by Tim Townsend, originally published on yachtsandyachting.com)

60th Anniversary Wayfarer Nationals at Castle Cove © Richard White

2018 has seen another good year of racing for the Wayfarer Class. The programme included class racing at several large and well established summer regattas as well as a wide ranging schedule of domestic championships and open meetings headlined by the 60th Anniversary National Championships which were hosted by Castle Cove SC during the first weekend of June. ...read more

2018 Season Finale at Bough Beech SC (with results table)

Wayfarer Finale at Bough Beech decides Craftinsure National Circuit Series © Tim Townsend

The Wayfarer Finale sailed at Bough Beech SC over the weekend of 10/11 November 2018 proved to be a fitting end to the UKWA’s racing programme for the year. Eighteen teams congregated in the dinghy park on Saturday morning just in time for rain to ease. The forecast was for a SSW breeze on both days, perfect for the orientation of the lake; at 16-25 mph on Saturday and 18-30 mph on Sunday. In the event the wind was lighter than forecast on both days although there were some juicy gusts on Sunday which troubled a few boats.

The open meeting was billed as the winner-takes-all shootout to decide the Craftinsure National Circuit Series between Andrew and Tom Wilson who had led the series for many months and Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend, the only crew with a chance of catching them. As usual, a strong fleet had assembled at Bough Beech and there were several boats looking to win the open meeting if not the overall series. Andrew and Tom did all they could. They led the fleet at the first mark in all four races. However, the gods conspired against them and eventually it was Michael and Simon who enjoyed a clean sweep of wins and with them victory in the open meeting and in the National Circuit Series. ...read more

BBSC Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4Pts
1st10648Michael McNamaraSimon TownsendRollesby Broad SC(1)1113
2nd11050Guy MarksMel TitmusBough Beech SC(4)4329
3rd10688Bill WhitneyJohn SheltonShoreham SC(6)34411
4th11170Brian LambSam PygallWilsonian SC2(8)8313
5th88Martin Rouse-CollenDonna Rouse-CollenUpper Thames SC35(10)513
6th10974Richard StoneCatherine GoreMedway YC575(9)17
7th11012Tim TownsendJacqueline TownsendMedway YC(8)67619
8th11093Andrew WilsonTom WilsonDatchet SC(OCS)22DNF23
9th10828Derek LambertOliver Lanson-GoreDatchet SC12(14)6725
10th11211Mark LeeJane LeeMedway YC7139(DNF)29
11th10686Brian McKenzieLiz McKenzieMedway YC109(14)1029
12th11118John GoudieSam BonifaceWilsonian SC91011(13)30
13th9494Barry WolfendenAlexBough Beech SC11(12)12831
14th10673Dave RobertsTinu CornishBough Beech SC1311(RET)1236
15th7470Elliot MarksJess GillettBough Beech SC(16)16131140
16th11129Paul HughesTracey VillaArun YC141515(DNS)44
17th8595Simon WinnSarah MasonMYC/BBSC15(18)161445
18th11218James MaynardDebbie MaynardBough Beech SC1717(DNC)DNC53