2021 Cruising Conference Admission


CC21 – at last, a Cruising Conference that won’t be influenced by the weather!

The event will take place over the weekend of March 26th – 28th, with interactive sessions on ‘Zoom’, and the opportunity – for about a week in advance – to view specially made video presentations via the event’s dedicated website.

There will be times during the weekend itself to ask questions and socialise, albeit ‘virtually!’

As there are a finite number of conference places available, bookings will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The closing date for bookings will be Friday March 19th.

The registration charge of £10 will cover any Association members joining on a single device/screen. This compares favourably with the standard Cruising Conference booking fee!

Non-members are cordially invited to join the Association – joining link here – after which they will be welcome to purchase a ticket and to participate in the conference, as well as enjoying all the other privileges of UKWA membership, which will remain valid until April 1st 2022!

As this is a chargeable event it is essential that joining details are not shared on social media or elsewhere. Please keep your conference details personal to you!

Once you have paid the £10 charge, a welcome message will be available for you to download, and this will contain full joining instructions.

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