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    I’m after a spinnaker pole for my mk1 GRP and have been offered one from a local club. However they’re not sure what boat it is off. Are the dimensions for a wayfarer pole anywhere easily available online?



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    A cheap but effective method is to take two slats from an IKEA single bed and put a bolt through them at one end. In the other ends you can drill a small hole for some retaining cord. The slats fit perfectly into the little slot at each side of the afterdeck, by the top of the transom (on a mk1 grp). Super effective and super cheap!

  • Hi all,

    Having recently replaced the old, leaking seal on the aft buoyancy tank of my Mk1 GRP, I’ve now found that because the new seal is a lot thicker than the old one, the tiller rubs against the lid of the buoyancy tank to the extent that it’s significantly hampering the ability to sail the boat.

    I’m thinking about somehow putting a wedge in…[Read more]

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    Is anyone in a sailing club that has a slipway winch?  Our club is looking to install one and I’m keen to obtain recommendations /advice to get us started off on the right track.


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    That would be amazing, thanks, really kind. My email is djakulis@yahoo.co.uk

  • Thanks, that’s really helpful. Out of interest is it normal.for the seals to be on the hull or the hatch?  The boat had the seals on the hatch when we bought it, and there is no residue on the hull to indicate previous seals there, but would be interested to know what the norm.



  • Hello all

    Having just smoke tested my rear buoyancy compartment, it’s clear that I need a new hatch gasket! The current one is rubber/neoprene and is glued to the hatch. The only new ones I can find online are at trident. These are self adhesive foam which the info says are applied to the hull. I had thought the gaskets go on the hatch; does…[Read more]

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    Thanks! Sounds ideal.

  • Me again,  sorry.  Thanks for the advice so far!

    The end caps are missing from my spreaders. Last season I used gaffer tape as a replacement, but it wore through and the shroud occasionally popped out. You can’t buy just the end caps; you have to buy the whole length adjuster, which means spending 30 quid for 2 bits of plastic!  I wondered if an…[Read more]

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    I’m about to test the buoyancy in the tanks on my Mk2. There’s an excellent guide to this in a Wayfarer magazine from about a year ago, but I had one question I was hoping someone might be able to help with. Why do you need to drill a hole in a bung to fit the hose to the tank? Why not unscrew the bung and fit the hose through the…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    On checking over the boat (a Mk1 GRP) in preparation for this seasons sailing, I’ve noticed that some of the screws holding the traveller to the top of the transom are just turning in their sockets.  This means that the traveller isn’t brilliantly secure, and also has me worried about the integrity of the buoyancy tank (though from poking…[Read more]

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    I had exactly the same problem when we got our Mk1. I measured the length of halyard I needed and bought a new one of the right length from Trident. I riveted the Highfield lever onto the mast just to the side of the mainsail groove. It’s worked well. There are lot of more complicated ways of tensioning the halyard which I looked into, but…[Read more]

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    Sounds good to me. Thanks so much.

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    Does anyone know if its possible to recover a Wayfarer from Lochranza? Slipway, or a beach that you can access from the road? We’re sailing there this summer for a family trip, but time constraints mean we could do with towing the boat back rather than sailing back. Anyone any ideas? Thanks!

  • We’ve been thinking about this too. We use Navionics on an iPad, in a LifeEdge waterproof case. The case is great, has never leaked, generally responds well to the touch screen (except when very wet) and the screen is generally bright enough that we can see it at any time. Also a nice big screen on the iPad.

    We have been struggling with charge…[Read more]

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    I know that there is a wanted section on the site but not sure how often it is used so thought I would post here too.

    A friend of mine is looking for a Wanderer so that he can join our Wayfarer on cruises around the west coast of Scotland; he’s going for a Wanderer as it will be easier to handle solo. They seem quite hard to come by…[Read more]

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    Thanks Pete and Dave

    Appreciate the comments.  We’ve gone for the karabiner option as a short term solution and will then go for your drilling option Pete.






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    Hi all,

    In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting our Mk1 onto a mooring where she will sit for the summer.  I’m wondering about the best method of securing the boat to the mooring, without making changes to existing fittings.  At present we have a small, open fairlead on both port and starboard bow, and a large cleat just forward of the m…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    We’re going to put our Mk1 onto a mooring this May – September.  The mooring is on the Clyde (Loch Long) and can be fairly choppy – mainly due to the wash from tugs and other large vessels, and occasionally in a blow.  But surprisingly, there wasn’t much water in the boat after two weeks last year.  The plan is to put an over-boom cov…[Read more]