• Tim Jeanneret replied to the topic Fenders! in the forum Cruising 1 month ago

    Hi jmcc,

    Those rollers look interesting, thanks for the tip. There’s usually a rock to tie up to here in Finland, but the ability to roll up a beach might be handy.

    How do you inflate them though? Do you carry a little pump of some sort or is lung power enough?

    Thanks, Tim

  • Why epoxy the benches though, rather than just varnish? (Genuine question!)

    I get it for ply decks, below the waterline etc. But for thwart, benches, outside of CB case, knees etc is there much benefit from an epoxy cost first?

    Thanks, Tim


  • Hi Adam,

    I just did a bit of epoxying on my wooden boat this winter (new keel, new aft deck, sealing CB case) with West Systems epoxy. I found it much easier to work with than some thicker alternatives I’ve tried.

    My tip: buy the little pumps that fit in the mouth of the hardener and resin cans and dispense the right proportion of each. Mix in…[Read more]

  • I’ve only ever seen gaskets on the hatch, not the deck/bulkhead. I can’t see it matters once the hatch is in place, but advantages of sticking the gasket on the hatch include: 1) marginally easier to apply the gasket exactly where it’s needed on the mating surface; 2) deck/bulkhead is “cleaner” when the hatch is removed – less likely to snag/tear…[Read more]

  • I’m wanting to put lifting handles on an old wooden boat, and your excellent post leaves me with only one question…

    How far forward on the foredeck to fit them?

    Is there consensus on this? Any important considerations when picking a location?

    Thanks, Tim