• Taking a look at the measurement form,there is a max and mininmum measurement for the centreboard pivot hole in the centreboard case itself.On a wooden boat.

    I f your boat has had a used board at some stage in its life this might explain the two holes.

    You could perhaps refit your board and use the measurement forms on this site to make sure the…[Read more]

  • Hi Ian ,Welcome to the forum and glad that you have chosen the Wayfarer.I sail at Carsington in Derbyshire ,offers tuition,family friendly sailing,you can join or day sail there.

    The association organises the gathering at Ullswater,camping activitys and sailing for a week in the summer holidays.

    I  live in South Normanton near Junction 28 of…[Read more]

  • HI,Jeremy,my mast is down for refit work and the pin should be the same,I think I have some stainless and could make a new pin.I should be back at the boat in the next couple of days my pin is back through the mast step,If I can I will produce you a new pin.They are of course available from lots of Chandler’s they seem rather pricey at just under…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Seen a system for a flyaway jib pole, on Wayfarer International, in which the pole is retained vertically against the mast by shock cord and deployed by a control line and cleat on the deck. The pole is hollow and the control line runs through the pole and to the jib clew.

    There seem to be a few classes using or adopting this system. I…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrew,Glad to have you on board,Good luck with the boat and the training.Where in the country are you based?

  • Kimberley, as a 50 year old grey haired old bloke,who has messed about in boats most of his life and has several in various states of decay and scattered about on this little island, I feel the need to reply.

    I have had a new boat, some nice boats, and some which would have been better placed on bonfires.

    My first go in a Wayfarer was last…[Read more]

  • This guy has pictures of his boat elsewhere on here and it has a hull plate. Anybody who has access to the records can say who built it and where it was first used. If it was built in the UK and owned and sailed here it will have had VAT paid. It is exempt from RCD testing as built before 1998. I think he needs proof of the VAT status and year of…[Read more]

  • Sean Fitzpatrick replied to the topic Hi From Derbyshire in the forum Introductions 2 years ago

    Hi Nigel,yes we use Hartleys and they are very helpful,passed Swarkestone lots of times but never sailed there.Steve handed over the post to Gerry who pursuaded us to give the club wayfarer a go! Please let us know if you organise any Wayfarer events.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick replied to the topic Hi From Derbyshire in the forum Introductions 2 years ago

    Yes the wind and the wise,decided it was too rough today had a nice lunch then gave the boat a bath,sure it was meant to be, forgot wallet and sailing gear this morning …..

  • Hi I am Sean from Derbyshire,we sail at Carsington.We borrowed a Wayfarer World because water levels were very low for our Keel boat.We have a blast with the boat sailing with my eldest son,the Bedlington Terrier and friends over the summer.
    We just got a Proctor Plus S W9962. We are hoping to race,and cruise my lad is on the stick and I am the…[Read more]