• Charles, by now you may already have the answer. If not  attach both ends of the spinnaker sheet using a form of Fisherman’s knot. We have used a Fisherman’s knot using two figure of eight knots as suggested by Ton Jaspers in www. wayfarer-international.org WIT/race.related/RiggingTips /TonJaspers.

    I note that you launch and recover spinnaker to…[Read more]

  • Hi Graham,The Wayfarer Book Fifth Edition available from the UKWA shop is a mine of information and would be a great help in rigging your MK IV.
    Nick Giles W9922

  • nickgiles replied to the topic Outboard Position in the forum Technical 2 years, 3 months ago

    We found that the standard bracket and engine mounting board (black plastic) held our Honda 2.3hp engine rather high up and it often snagged the mainsheet.  After consultation with Ralph Roberts I made a hardwood mounting board 40mm thick and 215mm high as opposed to the 265mm high plastic board and now have much less trouble. Ralph used…[Read more]

  • If at first …. so I googled it and it is at Wayfarer Tips and Tricks with Michael McNamara. Brilliant!

  • Thank you Dave and Trevor  for your replies and the footage.  Very useful to be able to see it in slow motion. However it was not the sequence I found in which Michael was in a Wayfarer demonstrating, possibly at a Cruising Conference and responding to requests from spectators on the bank/jetty. The particular point that Michael was emphasizing w…[Read more]

  • While “virtual sailing” on the Forum I came across  brilliant footage of MM demonstrating roll tacking and 360s. I wanted to study it again but can’t find it.  Does anyone know where it is posted?

    Many thanks.

  • nickgiles started the topic Trailing your Wayfarer in the forum Technical 3 years ago

    The notes on Richard Seabrook’s presentation to the 2016 Cruising  Conference contain a mine of useful information. However I was uncertain about the figure of 200kg total trailed weight for the Wayfarer, was this just the weight of the boat? When we downsized from a Primera to a Polo we put the boat and trailer on a weighbridge and found the…[Read more]

  • nickgiles replied to the topic jib roller furling in the forum Technical 3 years, 1 month ago

    You can find a very good photo of the bow fitting of a genoa furling/reefing system on page 79 of the 5th edition of the Wayfarer Handbook. This book is a mine of information, everything you wanted to know about the Wayfarer and a snip at £19.99. A good suggestion for a Christmas present? I would send you a photo of our system but the…[Read more]

  • One of the experienced participants at the 2015 Calshot to Yarmouth (aborted) rally with a woodie said he kept it under a tarpaulin outside and it remained dry over winter. Sounds almost too good to be true but if one found out how to support and secure the tarp it would be a cheap solution.
    My days of lifting let alone turning over a Wayfarer…[Read more]

  • Hi Roger,
    There will be many Wayfarers out there with more skill and experience than I have so I am probably the last person to give advice! We bought a World with the asymmetrical spinnaker because the Wayfarer Handbook said it was easier to launch and recover than the symmetrical. Ours is probably the original set up so you have to a raise the…[Read more]

  • nickgiles replied to the topic Poole Week 2015 in the forum Racing 4 years, 11 months ago

    I am so pleased that the issue of  boats born to be slow has been raised. Having taken part in two rallies in the Solent this summer  once with too much wind and once with too little it dawned on me that no matter how hard we tried Lizzie B W9922 was condemned  to life in the “slow lane”.

    The only way we get on even terms with Now or Never in ve…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    If you go down the detachable bracket route you may wish to consider the dimensions of the board that the motor is mounted on. The black “plastic” mount supplied with the boat seemed too tall at 27cm and it was a struggle to keep the cavitation plate on the motor deep enough. So I made a wooden mount about 21.5cm tall and this seems to suit.…[Read more]

  • nickgiles replied to the topic Photography afloat in the forum General 6 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks, good to have a recommendation. I’ll put it on my present list,no harm in hoping!

  • nickgiles replied to the topic Centreboard stuck in the forum Cruising 6 years, 4 months ago

    I made a hook about 50cm long by 2 cm wide with a hook at one end from thin stainless steel sheet, similar to the model advertised in Wayfarer News. So when our centreboard became stuck (Clashot to Gurnard Gremlins Issue 123) I was confident that I had the answer in the locker. But the stone wouldn’t come up and when ashore I couldn’t pull it down…[Read more]

  • Peter many thanks for this, we’ll get the pack and make plans.
    LizzieB 9922

  • Hi,
    We might well be interested, just hadn’t seen any recent publicity about the trip. We need to get our old World LizzieB out and check that everything is working OK(including us!) but have been waiting for warmer weather. Perhaps the weather is about to improve, let’s hope so. I will be approaching John Norman/Jenny Jeffs for details but…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    We had a very similar problem with our World. There was leak between the bailers and the double skin. If you tricked water from a hose into the scuppers it disappeared inside the hull at a rate of knots! So if rainwater got under the cover the bilge water was fresh on the other hand on a wet sail we could pick up several gallons of sea water.…[Read more]

  • Our Honda 2.3hp came with a very comprehensive manual that includes a detailed section on maintenance. I follow that once a year when putting the outboard away. Dealer servicing at £90(I think) would buy me a new motor every 5 years so is not cost effective. Admittedly we probably do only 10-20 hours/year so it has very light use. I’m not sure…[Read more]

  • Many thanks for the helpful comments. The answer seems to be keep it simple and hope the deterent of a cable and padlock persuades those so inclined to look elsewhere for easier pickings. Anyone armed with barcrusher and/or angle grinder will probably take what they want regardless!
    Nick W9922

  • Hi Dave,
    Backtracking to my original post, Ralph Roberts cast his eye over our setup when we met at the Isle of Wight rally two or three years ago. He pointed out that the cleats were raised too high on tall spacers with the result that the sheet had to be tugged upwards to release from the clam cleat. By lowering the cleats (and replacing them…[Read more]

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