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    I wondered if anyone had experience of Mantus anchors, from what I’ve read it is possible that the 1kg model would hold a Wayfarer and I wondered if anyone had tried that ?  Does anyone have experience of the Mantus in rock beds?

  • On the inside of my boat under the deck / gunwale there is a removable GRP section that has no apparent structural purpose, I’m not sure why or what for but it seems logical to me that this would contain buoyancy bags or foam.  I wondered if anyone knew any more?

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    Thanks for the feedback Gents, although I couldn’t use it to fix.  At the recent Ullswater Gathering I took guidance from Mr Mellor and it became apparent that when I had replaced the genoa halyard I was mistaken in assuming it was a standard length, therefore I had to move the highfield lever up the mast and shorten the wire.  All is good now.

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    Good to meet you too! Thanks for the video, the storm was most impressive.


  • Having owned W8819 for a year I am planning a season of consolidation. Lines have been changed and parts renewed, I want to get slick at rigging, reefing, anchoring and towing. Looking forward to Ullswater in August.

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