• Congratulations David.  I remember your boat from years ago. It was very well set up then and owned by David Kirk.

  • If you look underneath your boat the keel is the length of timber in the middle.  It is about 3″wide and 3/4″ thick. Screws go through this, then the hog and then into the centreboard case. I would be surprised (pleased of course) if you can get the screws out without destroying part of the keel. The keel and hog sandwich the bottom panels of the hull.

  • It looks to me like a temporary repair might be possible but you will have to cut a bit of your floorboard to fit.

    Clean off the varnish and paint then glue a length of wood over the gap and down onto where the floor board rests.

    Fix a temporary support for the floorboard and cut the floorboard to fit.

    Not elegant and certainly temporary but…[Read more]

  • To replace a centreboard case in a wooden wayfarer is indeed a major undertaking. I had to remove part of the keel to get at the screws that go through the hog and into the centreboard. The screws are mild steel and will probably be rusty. Once you have done that you may find, like me, that the centre thwart will not come right out so you have to…[Read more]

  • Starting with the spinnaker halyard. It depends on which mast you have. A very old gold buoyant mast has all the halyards running down the mast grove. Assuming you have a silver mast you may have to remove the sheave at the top to get a long length of whipping twine onto which you have fastened half a dozen small 4 or 5mm nuts threaded into the…[Read more]

  • I look forward to seeing you at the Cruising Conference. You will need to take a notebook and camera to avoid information overload. All good stuff though.

  • I like the deep rudder blade with its lighter feel. I remember breaking the older pattern one which was originally swept back a little. I broached on a big wave and ripped the rudder fixings off, leaving me with a rudder on a stick. Interesting. With the deep rudder blade I have never felt as though I was anywhere near that position. Perhaps the…[Read more]

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    8:1 cascade


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    I agree with Swiebertje.  My kicker is an 8:1 cascade system that will bend my old boom with not too much bother.  I would have shared a photo with you but couldn’t upload it.

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    I have not come across a specialised cover as you describe but I guess with a bridle round the boat you could make a cover to suit.  Boat tents quite often use 50mm velcro to fasten them to the bridle which would be easy to fasten from an alongside dinghy.

    I used to leave my boat on a drying mud mooring all summer and got used to bailing it out…[Read more]

  • The seal is glued to the hatch cover.  Too much pressure from the clips can distort the cover and allow water in. So how much is too much? For expert advice I would try www.sealsdirect.co.uk

    As for your holes I would fill with epoxy containing a filler in a wooden MKI. Similarly in GRP but use the correct resin and hardener.

    As a PS we had a go…[Read more]

  • Looks like the Royal Harwich to me.  I have sailed from there many times.  A great place to sail from.

    There are threads on this website about which outboard to use.  If I were to replace my Yamaha 2A I would go for the Suzuki 2.2 as it is the lightest one around and it has plenty of power for the Wayfarer. There is no reverse but there is a ne…[Read more]

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    Quite so Colin.

    Our rules specify what materials can be used for mast, boom etc.  Where a material is not specified such as fittings, tiller and extension then we can use anything we feel is appropriate.

  • The problem with any chemicals is that you don’t know what effect they are going to have on the sails.  Here is a link that may help http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?227333-Cleaning-mould-off-the-sail


  • Wow 3.5hp mariner.  A good engine but as you say a bit weighty. There are light weight brackets out there but they are not as strong as is needed to mount your mariner on. I have a stainless steel one that is suitable for my Yamaha 2hp engine but they tend to vibrate quite  lot and would not be any good for your heavy outboard.

    The absolute b…[Read more]

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    Well I took a picture of my docking arms but was foiled when trying to put it here!  PM me and I will send it to you.

    I find docking arms very useful especially in the muddy waters at Brancaster and the peaty water of my sailing club.  They make single handed recovery much easier.

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    I don’t know where you got your information on who voted for what but we in the UKWA are democratic and have one vote per boat no matter which boat one sails.

    Carbon prices have come down and the argument against carbon before was to do with “cheque book sailing” and nothing to do with cruising.

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    I have received a couple of requests for a change in our rules to allow carbon fibre spinnaker poles.

    This is your opportunity to have your say.

  • All MK IV boats have the same hull shape. Because of the tolerances allowed for home building,(not now an option) other hull shapes may vary.

    The only weight that is measured is the minimum weight and old boats are usually heavier so unfortunately your curiosity must remain.

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