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    What a fantastic back issue and insight into the class history that is! Having a Porter built boat with MacNamara sails makes it really come to life. Wonderful stuff.

  • We have lines permanently (ish) tied around the shrouds for this purpose (and to tie the boat down in the boat park). These are then just coiled up in the forepeak area. Probably a bit messy for a racer?

    We’ve never capsized (we are cautious cruisers) so not sure on their effectiveness…

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    I don’t think a 2-section mast is possible with a main that runs up a track/luff groove. I have only seen them used with sleeved main sails.

    David’s solution sounds like a good option. Or do what we (have to) do – keep the boat at your local friendly sailing club!

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    Just seen this on Apolloduck, quite a historic boat I guess, being so early:


    Reminds me of Poul and Irene Ammentorp’s boat.

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    We did this for our Mk 4 ahead of last year’s Norfolk Broads Rally. We used two pieces of (rather nice) oak, scalloped out the short ends to accept the mast and shaped the lower ends to fit against the corners of the side decks where they join the aft deck/transom. I will get some photos. A rope set to the appropriate length and tied between the…[Read more]

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    This is a good idea – having to actively come here to follow conversations and see new posts means I pay less attention than I would like.

  • Welcome to the Forum!

    We also have a cruising Mk 4 Wayfarer, 11086, but we avoided the problems you are encountering by not ticking the spinnaker option box when we ordered it! I am sorry I cannot help, but I am sure someone will be along who can. Another Mk 4 owner at my club has a spinnaker so I will see if I can get him to respond.

    Edit to…[Read more]

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    Thanks Bob – link didn’t work for me but this one does:


    I think ours is the longer style – will check next time I am with the boat.

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    Welcome to the Wayfarer scene. I don’t think you will regret getting a Wayfarer and I am sure you’ll have a great time at the gathering. Do think about the International Rallies – we have had our boat for 4 years now and have made it to Holland (2016) and the Broads (2018). We’re off to Denmark in a few weeks – really looking forward to…[Read more]

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    Thinking of getting a rudder bag but the Hartley website lists two options, a long and a short. Anyone know the difference, and which I need for our Porter-built Mk4 Cruiser?


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    Force 4 rollers have been good so far – though they don’t get used heavily. Stood up to a week between boat and piling on the Norfolk Broads International Rally last year, no sign of any damage yet.

    We inflate them with good old mark 1 lung power. They are not too bad – the pressure requirement is quite low but obviously a fair volume so takes a…[Read more]

  • Sounds fun! I would love to hear about it after, sorry I can’t help with placesin Dorset. If you came further East then Chichester Harbour offers good anchoring at the back of the Witterings. I suspect that the Beaulieu River would also be quite nice if you went West across the Solent. Hopefully others will respond with more useful info.

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    Having made the mistake of turning up at the last Dutch International Rally with but one, small, fender we made sure we would not risk it again and now have four conventional fenders which we do our best with, but also a couple of beach rollers. W head some webbing straps made up which fit snugly around the inflated roller at each end and then tie…[Read more]

  • Went with a Hydralite version of our existing deep sided poly cotton Rain and Sun cover, albeit in black rather than blue. Should arrive today for fitting at the weekend. Will report on any differences between the materials!

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    Excellent. I spent a week at the IBTC in Lowestoft – made me decide that I WILL do a full course one day!

    Shame Hartley’s won’t let people build in wood. From talking to Ian Porter it would be prohibitively expensive to do it as a paid job, but if home built and not pricing hours could make a nice project. I guess it depends if you want to race…[Read more]

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    Sounds like an interesting project – any progress?

  • We have a Rain and Sun overboom cover which has done good service for the last 3.5 years but is now fraying around the gooseneck and generally getting a bit tired and mouldy. Looking for a replacement, has anyone got experience of Banks vs Rain and Sun? Rain and Sun do the deep sides which is leading me to favour that option but keen to know if…[Read more]

  • Oh, and Ian Porter is a member at our sailing club (Hayling IslandSailing Club) – next time I see him I’ll mention this post and see if I can find out about your sail number. You could try contacting him directly – Google ‘Ian Porter Boat Sales’

  • Hi Damien,

    Good to see an Ian Porter boat in California! There are a few Wayfarers that side of the pond, not sure how you’d contact them but we have had some over to Europe for the International Rallies. Denmark next year – maybe you’d like to come over?

    So where are those “after clean” pics?!


    W11086 [another Porter boat 🙂 ]

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