• Hi

    I have an old Wayfarer mk.1 W4163, she was fitted with the old golden Proctor mast when I bought her, and still is.

    I’m currently in process of restoring her, to her former glory.

    When laying up the boat for winter I did an inspection of the mast.

    One of the reasons for the inspection was, that it was almost impossible to hoist the mainsail…[Read more]

  • Hello fellow Wayfarer’s
    A short introduction to who I am.
    Male, 44 years old wife and a son, living in Ringsted, Denmark. No prior sailing experience, 
    I have for many years had a desire to learn to sail a sailboat, eventually owning a sailboat.
    However with absolutely no sailing experience at all, I was advised to start out with a Wayfarer.

    The…[Read more]