• Does anyone have a tank pressure testing kit they could lend me? I’m Sheffield based but Ruby W2713 lives at ullswater.


    Ill be be there for the Birkett this coming weekend. Also happy to cover postage and some beer tokens if that’s a possibility

  • The bad news is that it’s still leaking. Slower than before…

    I’m going to check the ends and joins of my glass work and put another thin, oversaturated topcoat on then Gelcoat the new section to ensure a watertight seal. I used to be a laminator, making climbing walls, and although a bit rusty am fairly secure if my abilities to get some d…[Read more]

  • To add, I suspect there is a crack along the centreboard case corner. I will remove the rubbing strip and investigate. But I didn’t have sufficient manpower to flip the boat where it was.


    Ill add this to the to-do list!

  • I think I’ve fixed it! Although not had the chance to get it in the water since…


    On the starboard side there was a strip of very rotten wood along the side of the centreboard case at hull level. This had a very thin layer of glass over it. I’ve removed this and scrapped out the rotten wood.


    A couple of large beads of Sika and several lay…[Read more]

  • A bit of fettling over the weekend revealed some interesting things…


    the main one being the starboard side wooden trim that runs alongside the centreboard casing was rotten and sodden. There was a thin skin of glass over the top of it, which was easily removed. Plenty of poorly saturated glass low down in the centreboard casing. All looked a…[Read more]

  • That’s a brilliant and detailed reply (and exactly the sort of advice I’d hoped to get) thanks so much for taking the time to type it out. It looks like the boat will be heading into the lawn next weekend then.


    Ill post back here here once I start exploring:-)

  • I’ve tracked down a leak in W2713 to the centreboard case. I wondered if anyone could advise the best way to approach a repair.

    20 litres of water tipped in when level on the trailer streamed out via the edges of the slot, so sadly not the bolt.

    I’m presuming that the centreboard and the grounding strip/s will all need to come off. Best with the…[Read more]

  • I fitted one last week and couldn’t easily slide it in from either end. Not without removing various rivers etc.


    Luckily unscrewing both screws on the backing plate as far as they would go meant the plate would just fit in to the narrow part of the slot – at angle. Once in it could be straitened and tightened.


    It was an unbranded one f…[Read more]

  • The traveler on my mk1 composite W2713 is mounted on the top of the transom and is a long way away from the rear buoyancy tank. But I guess the point about possible rot is worth investing

  • I can take some tomorrow but am also very much a novice and in a similar position.


    I have 2713 which was the second last registration of 1970.


    I have a genoa with a roller reefing and a small jib which clips on to the forestay.


  • Hi Sean. I like your surname too!


    im looking forwards to some more regular local sailing and some away trips too.


    I love ullswater so will will check out the meet. Although we may be in Scotland for a few weeks in the summer.

  • a quick post by way  of introduction.  I have just purchased W2713 a composite Mach 1.  Needs a little bit of work before seeing the water but I’m cracking on with that quite well.

    I’m interested in doing some dinghy camping and cruising with my teenage children and probably solo too.

    I sailed dinghys quite a lot in my youth, mainly a GP 14 but…[Read more]