• I fitted one last week and couldn’t easily slide it in from either end. Not without removing various rivers etc.


    Luckily unscrewing both screws on the backing plate as far as they would go meant the plate would just fit in to the narrow part of the slot – at angle. Once in it could be straitened and tightened.


    It was an unbranded one f…[Read more]

  • Ian Fitzpatrick replied to the topic Traveller on Mk1 in the forum Technical 1 month ago

    The traveler on my mk1 composite W2713 is mounted on the top of the transom and is a long way away from the rear buoyancy tank. But I guess the point about possible rot is worth investing

  • Ian Fitzpatrick replied to the topic Mk1 Wayfarer 1969. in the forum Cruising 1 month ago

    I can take some tomorrow but am also very much a novice and in a similar position.


    I have 2713 which was the second last registration of 1970.


    I have a genoa with a roller reefing and a small jib which clips on to the forestay.


  • Hi Sean. I like your surname too!


    im looking forwards to some more regular local sailing and some away trips too.


    I love ullswater so will will check out the meet. Although we may be in Scotland for a few weeks in the summer.

  • a quick post by way  of introduction.  I have just purchased W2713 a composite Mach 1.  Needs a little bit of work before seeing the water but I’m cracking on with that quite well.

    I’m interested in doing some dinghy camping and cruising with my teenage children and probably solo too.

    I sailed dinghys quite a lot in my youth, mainly a GP 14 but…[Read more]