• Hi CSD,

    You’re right, there are no recent entries, and perhaps that is partly because it’s not obvious how a write-up should be submitted for inclusion. Actually all that’s required is to send your text, photos, video or any other media to the Cruise Librarian, currently me. Contact details in the usual place.

    I’ll get the web team to change the…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic No mast step? in the forum Technical 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Update – I can now answer my own question about the mast measurement. From the bottom edge of the alloy extrusion to the centre of the pivot hole is 160 mm, as near as makes no difference.

    (The mast heel plug adds a further 78 or perhaps 79 mm).

  • I’ve had good results with the ‘Plain Expanded Neoprene’ (non adhesive-backed) strip from sealsdirect.co.uk plus some 2-part contact cement. The seal strip material could be described as a fairly stiff dense foam.

    Regarding location, our previous boat (Mk2) had the kind of rear hatch cover with narrow downward-facing edges – like a biscuit tin…[Read more]

  • I think you’ve basically answered your own question – realistically you would be pushed to get an air-tight seal around the tube, but a tapered bung will potentially fit really well, especially with a smear of grease or vaseline.

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic No mast step? in the forum Technical 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Before getting stuck into the detail of this it might be a good idea to check that your mast is in fact a Wayfarer mast. With no mast-heel plug and no mast step (nor a packer under it) there would be room for a different mast – one with a longer distance between its base and the hole where the pivot pin goes through the mast and both sides of the…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Tent Leaking in the forum Technical 4 months, 1 week ago

    True. We nearly always sleep in bivvy bags – there are just so many ways of getting yourself and your sleeping bag wet…

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Tent Leaking in the forum Technical 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I don’t roll the mainsail around the boom but instead roll it from the top down onto itself and hang it just beneath the boom, still attached. This takes up a little more room in the boat I suppose, but the tent is made to fit over the bare boom (in our case), not the somewhat fatter boom+sail.  It means that the kicker and mainsheet can remain…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Spinnaker running rigging in the forum Technical 5 months ago

    Hi Jamie,

    I should probably sort out some clips, but in fact I still use the temporary arrangement that I cobbled together several years ago. Basically I tie the uphaul onto the downhaul, which has a loop at the end for the pole. Maybe Inglefield clips would work?

    For the last couple of years we have simplified the uphaul by having a loop in…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Fixing toe straps in the forum Technical 5 months, 1 week ago

    Probably worth putting a coat or two of varnish on the wood beforehand too, Alison. A4 or 316 stainless steel “penny” washers are great for applications like this, and I try to use nyloc nuts throughout my boat; there’s never really a good time to have a nut come loose, and if it does it will more often than not find its way under the floorboards,…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Boom height… in the forum Technical 10 months ago

    Hi Sylvain,

    Here is a photo of our mast, taken this morning. I was not able to measure it, unfortunately.

  • Without specific knowledge of this I would have to recommend copying/measuring the location from an existing boat of similar age and type. The position may be on the early drawings but I don’t know this for certain. Sorry to be less than helpful on this crucial point…

  • OK – here’s more than you could ever want to hear about boat handles.

    The first thing to say is that there seem to be two commonly used patterns, a symmetrical and an asymmetrical version. To my eye the asymm. version is more elegant, but the symm. one is perhaps more authentic?

    For no particular reason I’ll start with the asymmetric:-

    I…[Read more]

  • For the old bridge at Potter Heigham (for example) we often dispense with the crutch altogether and just sit on the back tank with the mast propped on one shoulder. The person doing this can steer the boat while the other person deals with the actual lowering and raising of the mast, with a little help from the sitter.

    For a single-hander this…[Read more]

  • Please contact me if you’ve already applied for the late July Plymouth Cruise and you need a crew. I can hook you up with a very experienced crew (male) who doesn’t have a Wayfarer.

  • I wonder whether you have an alloy rudder stock, given that there is a wing nut?

    Either way, there are a couple of ways that you could deal with this issue. One is to fit an uphaul, which would physically raise the rudder as required, and hold it up. I’ll leave it to others to provide a detailed description, but basically it would be a 3-4mm line…[Read more]

  • Hi Bob,

    As I’m sure you realise, the key is not to lose the end of the halyard inside the mast. If you stitch a length of strong, thin cord or string to the rope tail you will be able to remove the frayed halyard and use it to measure the length required for ordering a new one, remembering to make any adjustments while you have the opportunity.…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Antifouling in the forum Technical 11 months, 1 week ago

    Perhaps it depends where the water and boat are, but basically I would say no. But you may need to do a tiny bit of scrubbing off. We have had the boat continuously in the water for at least 2 weeks at a time with very little noticeable growth.

  • Pick one that is reasonably strong and won’t rattle undone in the wind.

    The forestay shouldn’t be particularly tight – it’s basically only there to keep the mast upright when you don’t have a foresail on the boat, so the shackle doesn’t have to be capable of taking huge loads – but it’s too high up for you easily to keep a regular eye on it,…[Read more]

  • Just to clarify – the wire strop goes just above the jib or genoa – it still extends the halyard to (hopefully) the right length.

    I too would recommend at least considering a muscle box. You’re not stuck with the coarse adjustment steps that a Highfield lever gives you, and there’s a chance you may end your sailing career with the same number of…[Read more]

  • Hi Jamie,

    I think you could certainly make a satisfactory temporary diy repair, but I would overlap the sound edges of the fabric much more than 1 cm all round. If you don’t have repair tape wide enough to do that perhaps you have on old sail that you use as donor material and sew on some repair patches by hand.

    But given that you will almost…[Read more]

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