• And do not take the spreader measurements as gospel, each boat is different so try to get the prebend and rake by having the spreaders and shrouds help you, not hinder.
    If you need more prebend, let the spreaders aft of the norm to open the distance between shroud ends and the aft of the mast for example!
    If i told you that i worked on a boat that…[Read more]

  • Oh Peter,how long do you want us to be at this and in the end you will still not have a definitive answer!
    Mike always wins and makes his own, Dave Wade is an ace sailor also and he uses another makers, new guys to the class did well and are new sail makers on the block but the helm is ace also!
    If you know what you want and your having an issue…[Read more]

  • Thats because they are going to sneak in two Saturday races while the rest of us are away, the competition at Parkstone is cutthroat and really good fun, CP 😆

  • Try warm water with a bit of washing up liquid in it!

  • Colin Parkstone replied to the topic Discards in the forum Racing 5 years, 4 months ago

    Your tell me if I’m wrong but I think you will find that our Champions have always sailed on the last day, even if they had won the day before!
    As for the maths, your have all of thursday night to work out what your have to do to come third as I will be ahead of you by thursday night!!! 😆 CP

  • The Masts are only made by Seldon, the rumour is whether you can only buy a mast at one outlet or Seldon Agent!

    Ask your local Seldon Agent and find out!

  • Have a look on http://www.P@B.com , under Spreaders funny enough!!!
    Looks like what you have described is on the site,
    Best sit down though and be ready for a price shock!!!!

    ps, look at the bottom of the page, the bare spreaders without adjusters are down there!

  • What kind are they, Black, Blue and are they trapered .Try Selden Masts who make our spars!
    Also try the Online Chandlers like P@B, Sailboats or our builder Hartleys.

  • Only my opinion but i see this bolt idea as a recipe for disaster,

    For one if you loose the bung your sink and why drill a hole under the waterline ?? Asking for trouble just like a leaking bailer, Drip Drip Drip!

    Another point is your bolt is going to hit the trailing edge of your centreboard which is thin and also end grain, if you hit it hard…[Read more]

  • I have often used a thinned coat of two pot varnish as a first coat on older ply boats, it soaks in well and fills the grain and is hard as nails and can then be painted over with anything. All the best, the good painting weather is coming your way! CP

  • If the grain of the ply is full of undercoat and primer and the epoxy will not soak into the wood and be absorbed then you maybe waisting your time and money.
    It may float on the top of the undercoat and not stay in place for long and just fall off.

    Also ask your paint supplier if its a good thing to paint over with their products, it usually is…[Read more]

  • The new Mk 4 with its self draining floor has brought the height from floor to sheer closer, that then means we are standing much higher in the boat where before we were deeper in the boat on Mk2 ect.

    We also had a sidedeck that could be held in a tack or just standing in the boat.

    I too have felt more off balance in the Mk4 and feel a Zimmer or…[Read more]

  • 13mm thick floorboards, Do not bend when you walk or sleep on them. The weight is problem but with all your cookers and fridges you all have in a cruising boat its not really a problem is it!!! 😉
    Wisa board, it’s probably made of wood not suited to the marine trade and the glue may not be right for salt water. And the expense!

  • When it comes down to floorboards, they do not cost that much for a sheet of ply but they would last a lot longer if protected well.

    First tip, round all the edges well, paint or epoxy will bond better to that kind of edging than a sharp square edge.

    If you don’t want to spend on coating the whole of the boards with epoxy, do the edges and holes…[Read more]

  • Colin Parkstone replied to the topic Mast step in the forum Technical 5 years, 8 months ago

    Remember Pete that stainless and alloy do not mix. The last pin holes in the new heel have been doubled up from the picture I have seen, maybe that is to help with the strength from a kicker and its angle. These pins do get used for kickers on many classes.
    Also remember to keep an eye on the height of the mast step and anything under it, you…[Read more]

  • Colin Parkstone replied to the topic Mast step in the forum Technical 5 years, 8 months ago

    Machine screws for holding the mast heel ( Remember you can only use the aft machine screw to hold the mast heel in the Wayfarer Class when racing, must be able to lower the mast without having to remove a forward pin!) …. and the clevis pins for things like the kicker take off point if your not using the one on the mast and anything else that…[Read more]

  • Colin Parkstone replied to the topic balls system? in the forum Technical 5 years, 8 months ago

    Its a good system but not for the hand launch boats.
    I hand launch, even though I have a Mk4, and when we launch we try and get the guy into the pole and set it to the mast before the bear off.
    The spi halyard and the leeward twin line are released and then as the spi halyard is pulled to raise the spi the important thing for the crew to do is…[Read more]

  • Not sure if I would want a lay day, I go to have a full Champs of sailing myself and as you say a Lay day could be used anyway and so your not get that day off.

    You also say (take some of the pressure off from it being a full-on sailing week.) Maybe the week is not what is wanted EACH year and we did have many visitors to Parkstone last year…[Read more]

  • Ask around the Selden Agents and see but it is a rumour I also have heard!!

  • You can get some screws that are made for this job, they have a large head with a screwdriver slot in then a thin shaft that slides in the luff grove then a wider thread with a nut on it in the shape of a a small plate which has teeth type corners that bight into the rear of the luff groove.

    Try a Selden Agent or someone like P@B .

    If ever you…[Read more]

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