• Hi Nigel, I would expect a good seal with some sikaflex 291i (or equivalent), if there is a lot of play in the bolt (and if the bolt length allows) a backing pad glued in position should help. Depending on the state of the hole filling with epoxy and re-drilling might be required. If the nut does not have a metal washer – then add one.
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  • Bob Harland replied to the topic Mk 4 rudder bag? in the forum Technical 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hi, there are two rudder options for the Wayfarer, the picture below is the original broader and slightly shorter style.

    This link from trident shows the deeper/longer style – hopefully you can work out which you have, either could have been supplied.


    hope that helps

  • Hi Paul, usually whilst on the trailer or trolley the boat support will be under the centreboard slot and stop the centreboard lowering and it will have very limited movement. But your trailer may be different.

    There will be a fairly chunky pivot bolt under the floorboards.

    Not sure about the pin you refer to – could you post a photo?
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  • Bob Harland replied to the topic Hello… in the forum Introductions 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Paul, the links above should help. There are lots of variations in how boats are rigged, most commonly the wire forestay would be a few cm short of the bow and a rope tail secures it to the fitting on the bow. So not to the “bobbin” (furling drum).

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  • Bob Harland replied to the topic Repair Advice in the forum Technical 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Hi Paul, welcome to the UKWA forum.

    The general maintenance advice on GRP boats applies to the Wayfarer hull, there are some excellent videos available showing what can be done to make a well weathered boat look really good.

    For the discolouration firstly try washing with hot water/detergent and mild abrasive – such as kitchen green scourer. If…[Read more]

  • Hi Andy,
    Answering some of your points;

    1) Registration – I guess you have checked that there is no boat number plate on the centreboard case – usually just aft of the thwart, and no sign of there having been one. It is possible that your boat was supplied without the copyright holders license fee being paid – and hence no plate. Hartley boats…[Read more]

  • Bob Harland replied to the topic Fenders! in the forum Cruising 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, we carry two fenders. On each shroud we have some plastic tube that goes up from deck level to just below goosneck height – part of the tent frame support. We can then hang a fender from the shroud vertically over the gunwale.

    If we need a second fender then a combination of the rowlock and aft spinnaker lead.

    Hope that helps.