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    I’ve managed to download a couple of photos

    Dave thank you for your reply. My worry is that the zips will leak in the rain or is this unfounded? The green hire tent looks like it is fastened with Velcro but I’m assuming zips would be better. In practice do you tend to use just one zip rather than opening it up fully using the two? My last…[Read more]

  • My old canvas boom tent only has an entrance at the stern that can be difficult to access especially when tied to a pontoon. It would be quite easy to fall in!

    I’m sorry I can’t seem to post pictures of my boat and tent but it is similar to the tent below which is available for hire by the association. I’m thinking of adding “side doors” the sa…[Read more]

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    I’d like to second that. I never met Ton but the forum will, without a doubt, be a poorer place without him. I’m sure if we shared a bottle or two of Grolsch he would have given me the rubbers off the caps to cure my leaking centreboard case!

    Swiebertje you will be missed

  • Make sure the hatch is on tight and hold a vacuum cleaner that blows or lilo inflator about 2″ from the bung hole. Careful not to hold it too close or you’ll blow the tank up you just want to slightly pressurise it. Make up a solution of 10% washing up liquid with water and paint on all the seams going round thoroughly. Swiebertje blows but I like…[Read more]

  • Hi Swiebertje / Colin – My welder friend has a commercial welding shop and is Asme certified etc so no problems there. He’s welded cast iron, bronze castings etc for me in the past as well. Has anyone welded around the sleeve before (ie a fillet weld all round) and should this help?
    Don’t worry about racing – I’ve sailed for 45 years now and never…[Read more]

  • Hi Swiebertje your advice makes good sense. I only cruise and reef rather than flattening the main over much. After what you’ve suggested I propose to get the sleeve welded around the edge to the mast. What do you think? I know a very good welder who will do it for me (my welding would no doubt melt the mast!). I’m afraid I am a very impecunious…[Read more]

  • Swiebertje – thats what I thought prebend could cause problems at deck level – my boat had been previously raced and had a vicious kicker on it. My friend who is a rigger and maintains many Wayfarer training boats (he was also Flying Fifteen World Champion for a years as crew – probably still is!) said that this was quite usual on Wayfarers and…[Read more]

  • Agreed rivets are a lot better but for pilot hole google – pilot hole self tapper -Robert

  • I have that blue sleeve on the front of my mast and it was put on by a rigger friend as he noticed a small crack in the mast. I wonder if yours is there for the same reason. It works fine but then I don’t put loads of prebend in the mast. Don’t bust your mast they’re expensive! Robert
    The white hole protector looks like a pipe outlet flange. I…[Read more]

  • See mast chock string by Algol for possible explanations! Robert

  • Algol – It sounds like you may have the mast rake wrong which woud go a long way to explaining why you are also having such trouble when reefed. If the mast is hanging over the front of the boat you will have lee helm. When I got my boat it was completely wrong even though it had been raced. I set it up according to the tuning guide and its fine…[Read more]

  • I’m going to add my ten pennyworth! I think you should go for a jib when reefed – not genoa. The crew will find it a LOT easier and the boat will be much better balanced. Or you could perhaps buy a reefing arrangement for the genoa. When you reef the baggiest part of the sail is in the reef. When you cut them you make them flatter as you move…[Read more]

  • Well you live and learn! The boat I used to stretch the luff on was a Firefly many years ago. My Wayfarer sails are new (I made them myself from Contender cruising cloth under the close supervision of a friend) and they set beautifully. Although I don’t race the Wayfarer I shall from now be very careful not to stretch them but surely if you put…[Read more]

  • I know this is a dumb question but how does a cunningham control the leech? I thought it only controlled the luff. Maybe you’re mixing your luffs and leeches. With my sails I obviously fitted a bolt rope I didn’t bother with a leech line.
    I aggree that the sliding gooseneck tends to drift up the mast. When I use a fixed gooseneck I haul the sail…[Read more]

  • Just a thought – if you buy a stainless bolt (one that is not threaded to the end) you can cut the head and thread off to give you a short length of bar. You can easily buy bolts in M6, 8, 10, 12, 16 etc. Robert

  • Swiebertje is giving you good advice. If you can’t do it yourself take it to a welding/fabrication/metal bashing/engineering/small garage/local factory. Its a dead simple job and they’ll know what to do. Robert

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    Last year I put on a rubber fender. I used Wilks PVC 50 @ £5.51/metre and bought the aluminium insert strip at a local steel stockist for £2.61/metre. Look up the Wilks website – I did some research and it was by far the cheapest. You stretch it with a spanish windlass when you put it on and it worked fine so I now hope to use fewer fenders. I k…[Read more]

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    I tow with a 1300cc P reg ford escort full of cruising gear and it tows fine. We took it to the Shannon (Ireland) last year no problems. I Hope this Helps. (You obviously need to change down on hills and I try to put the heavy stuff engine, anchor and chain etc in the car) Robert

  • Robbins Timber – Bristol. Have just about everything and excellent postal service but are a tad expensive. Have good web site. Robert

  • Pump is called “double action hand pump sevylor”

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