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    I have spoken to the programmer about these points – there would be a cost involved in changing them. I suggest we wait for more feedback and then I can make a call on the priorities when we have all had more experience of the new Forum. Thank you for making the point.


  • Posted on behalf of Al Schonborn who would like views on the suggestion below that he would like considered in time for a rule change in 2015:

    29.2 Effective length of standing rigging. Alteration shall be prohibited after the preparatory signal of a race, except in the case of breakage or failure in any part of the standing r…[Read more]

    Posted on behalf of Al Schonborn who would like views on the suggestion below that he would like considered in time for a rule change in 2015:

    In light of the Aero Luff Spar and other furling apparatus, I think we have reached a stage where we can make the forestay an optional item:
    29. RIGGING
    29.1 Standing rigging. Shall be a forestay a…[Read more]

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    The new forum has a search bar which enables you to search through the content of the forums. Type the subject in there and it should bring up all the entries.

  • The following tips are designed to help you use the new forum:

    1. You are able to look at posts on the forum but you will need to login, be a member of the ukwa and have your account activated to be able to post entries.

    2. If you want to search for an entry on the forum just type the subject into the subject box and all related posts should…[Read more]

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    Dropped Kez off at Ian Porter’s establishment at Emsworth on Saturday and I have asked him to remove the old rotten wood and replace the support to the mast.

    Feeling around inside the forward buoyancy chamber I could not find anything that was supporting the tabernacle base, it had not rotted away, it just wasn’t there, so maybe that’s why the…[Read more]

  • admin replied to the topic Ominous crack in the forum Technical 5 years, 5 months ago

    Excellent advice, thanks Jamie, it’s great to know there is someone out out there who has the experience of removing the wood. Was it glassed in, do you remember?

    I have thought about not only another circular, rules compliant access hatch but cutting out a big square hole on either side of the tabernacle for access then laminating some new…[Read more]

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    I have removed and replaced pretty much all the wood in my plastic mark 2.
    To gain access to the wood in the front tank I added an extra buoyancy tank hatch [in accordance with the measurement rules] and used an inspection lamp and a car wing mirror to see what I was doing. With two access holes you can look in one while working via the…[Read more]

  • Hi Trevor, surprising no one has replied to your query but things have been a bit slow on the forum of late.

    My Mark 2, the measurement certificate indicates 1972 vintage, has floor panels in 2 pieces as you describe fore and aft. As Kez is the only Wayfarer I have owned I know no other although I have helped a couple of mates at the sailing…[Read more]

  • Oxalis acid is ok for shallow surface marks, try Dettol Mildew and Mould Cleaner, close to a miracle product but wear gloves and rinse and rinse again to get it off you and the boat once you are done.

    You can buy a sort of abrasive compound specially for GRP, International do one called Liquid Rubbing and there are others you will find in real…[Read more]

  • Steve,

    I hope you said 2015!

  • There has been the suggestion that we have a lay-day on Wednesday to make it a bit more of a family holiday, and take some of the pressure off from it being a full-on sailing week. This has been done in previous years, with the day being taken as a chance to see the area outside the sailing club. It could be used as a racing day if one or more…[Read more]

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    Please; no Micky Mouse races under the Nothe, and no double pointers either. That crazy concept was dreamt up to appeal to spectators and a television audience of people who do not understand sail boat racing. Revenue from spectators and tv was important to the organisers to defray the huge costs of staging the Olympics. It is really not necessary…[Read more]

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    I have a waterproof/shockproof Panasonic DMC FT4 which does HD video as well. It’s very good. The folded optic lens is good but despite the 12 Megapix, don’t expect to be able to zoom in too far.

    The GPS function attracted me but disappointingly it does not work on the move; I had hoped to be able to video myself then use the GPS function to…[Read more]

  • Brilliant stuff Boris, fabulous film, stills and music.

    I “Like”.

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    Steve, Weymouth sounds good well done for that, Easterns venue maybe Aldeburgh? Westerns maybe try the Wales lake again? I think the poor turnout previous was due to the Bank Holiday.

  • Cheap solution I have seen is a couple of nylon rings about 25mm diameter through lacing eyes screwed to the underside of the boom. Two of those can’t cost more than a tenner and probably a lot less.

    I wish I had done that, but I used a short length of 50mm toe strap fixed with a st/st plate screwed on both sides of the boom. Heavier and a bit…[Read more]

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    I had a sliding goosneck on my Enterprise and it was a complete pain in the bottom when I was sailing, always sliding up under halyard tension so I had to use a Cunningham all the time.

    For my Wayfarer tent I made a largish “L” out of two layers of 3 mm brass soft soldered together that sits in the luff groove above the goosneck where it widens…[Read more]

  • admin replied to the topic Anyone sprayed a mast? in the forum Technical 6 years, 5 months ago

    In his excellent book “Sailboat Refinishing”, American author Don Casey (you can get this book from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sailboat-Refinishing-International-Marine-Library/dp/0071486585) describes painting a mast.

    He starts by rubbing it with a 400 grit wet and dry to key the surface before using an etch primer, followed by 2 part…[Read more]

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    That doesn’t look like a particularly vulnerable position when coming ashore on a rough beach, but I would buy a new length of aluminium band and replace from the stem-head down to where the keel starts to run straight.

    But if you are determined to keep the original you could drill and countersink new holes in the keelband about 10mm from…[Read more]

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