XVI Wayfarer Internationals – July 2016

The XVI Wayfarer Internationals  are coming up soon and will for the first time will be held in Friesland Holland where the racing will take place on the expansive Heegermeer waters. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience sailing in a place where sailing takes precedence over all other forms of transport – bar the bicycle perhaps!


Already the Dutch event is attracting huge interest with 50 entries in and likely to reach over the Ton . I am sure you remember the excitement and the buzz as we all lined up in those final moments just before the gun went off at the start of each race at the Weymouth Worlds and the thrill of seeing 100+ colourful spinnakers filling the bay from end to end, as we ran fast and gracefully before the wind! What a feeling! What a fantastic sight: Awesome! as some might say.


Well time flies and now six years later the “Worlds” are back on the European side of the pond and we are planning to have a mega bash and a whole lot of fun and we hope that you will, once more be there to participate, contribute and enjoy this fantastic Wayfarer racing event.


Hartley Boats have once again come on board as the primary sponsor with Craftinsure, EXE sails and Stena Line also aboard to support the event. Through the generous support of our sponsors we can all enjoy a reduced entry fee, reduced ferry transport costs and free entry into prize draws if we enter now or before the 1st of November. Click on the event poster on the Hartley Boats home page or follow this link for more information and to enter now. http://www.hartleyboats.com/index.php?id=132


The success of any class depends to a large extent on the visibility of the class at National and International events so the numbers of participants at this event will be an important part of the viability of the Wayfarer class into the future. Wouldn’t it really be something if, in the 60th year since Ian proctor first produced this wonderful boat, we were part of a gathering of over 100 Wayfarers in a country where sailing and sailing boats hold such significance!


It’s going to be a great event, I hope you can make it and I look forward to sharing the fun on the Friesland waters with you next summer.

Very best wishes,


Monica Schaefer

W 10952 Anamcara

UKWA Marketing & WIC Irish Representative


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