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    Hi everyone, please forgive if this is off topic, but here goes:
    I live in Denmark and am currently looking for a Wayfarer. As the 2007 worlds are held in Denmark it occured to me that someone going here to race might be interested in selling their boat (after the races 😀 ).
    As Wayfarers are rather more expensive in Denmark than in the UK, the seller should be able to profit by selling here.
    Does anyone think this might be possible?
    Greetings Jens


    Dear Jens,
    The trouble was that back in July you never posted your other contact details, so few people would be likely to say, over this forum, before the Worlds, whether they were wanting to sell or not. At the end of the Worlds I was happy to sell my Plus S but there was too little time to sort things out properly. There was one apparently very interested Danish buyer on the last day but he never re-contacted on the Sunday even though he said he would. Therefore we had to drive my Plus S (Danegeld III) back to England. I am still interested in selling what has turned out to be a very good Plus S and if you are still interested as well perhaps you could contact me via email : mmmckechnie@aol.com
    Best wishes,
    Michael McKechnie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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