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    Has anyone had any luck replacing the hatch gasket seals on a MK1 woodie? I ordered a MK1 set form Trident but I am concerned with the thickness. The old, (very perished) foam rubber seals stand about 1 cm off the hatch surface, where as, the new stuff looks at about half that thick.

    My thinking is that I can reduce the height of the turn-buckles if needs be, but would love to know if anyone else has been through all this?



    Colin Parkstone

    Should be more like 4/5mm thick I would say!!!


    I bought a roll of hatch seal from Ian Porter a couple of years ago. It cost about £32 per roll, long enough with some spare to do both hatches (MK1) is black tape with a very strong sticky backing and is 7mm thick. It’s very easy to fit, you just need to cut a smallish wedge as you turn the corners…absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t mess around wasting money on anything else. I always remove the hatches after sailing, and the gaskets look as good as new. P.S…I am not on commission!


    I have a left over piece of “Porter’s” foam here on my desk. It measures: 12 x 24 mm. I think that any neoprene sponge rubber seal will do as long as it has more or less the same dimensions as the old gasket. Any technical rubber supplier in your neighborhood should be able to help you. If not try this.

    There is an article with a picture about cutting and gluing gaskets here.


    Thanks Folks,

    I will measure and then decide if I want to use it. I suspect the old one is not original either. I should have thought of asking Porters…

    I picked up an online copy of the 1976 kit build manual and read the section on cutting and fitting the hatch seals. Everything is so beautifully precise!




    Hmmm that 12mm sounds a lot bigger than the stuff I got.

    Sounds like I better make new arrangements.

    Thanks again,



    I bought neoprene foam strip from these guys and absolutely recommend them.

    Any news on the mast?


    When restoring Bramble my composite Mk1, I bought self adhesive seals from this company;

    The thickness I used was about 5 or 6mm but it really depends on how your hatches are secured. I kept mine thin as the turn buttons do not have very much vertical movement.


    Hi, I didn’t replace my seals but I decided to attach my (woody) hatch with M8 bolts sticking upwards. They are kept in place by nuts which are countersunk. When I put the hatch on, I then attach washers and the M8 dome nuts. I only have 4 so the sealing won’t be perfect but I’m assuming it will buy me time. I have done this since I knew someone whose hatch had come off at sea during capsize so I wanted a bullet proof solution. I keep a spanner and tub for the nuts and washers handy in the boat.

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