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    I’d be glad of any wisdom to be offered on this. Our main remaining bugbear is that the centreboard is a pig to move on any point of sail above a beam reach, unless you let the sails fly. Particularly for the kids. I’ve adjusted the brake ad-nauseam and that doesn’t make any difference to the problem.

    Last winter I had the board out, sanded it, repainted it and put it back in. It is already very scratched from raising and lowering (superficial scratches but LOADS of them) and I’ve come to the conclusion I need to clean up and resurface the inside of the centreboard housing. What I can see of it is very yellowed and cracked looking epoxy. There are a number of things which make me nervous about doing this (and I’m usually a bit gung-ho). They all revolve around the issue of keeping it so the c/b still sticks straight down in the vertical and is still properly held straight fore-aft. There is the obvious technical challenge of sanding out a slot without removing more from the opening than the deeper recesses. At the cruising conference I heard John Mellor describe gluing up battens of timber of just the right thickness with sandpaper on the faces. He than made a humourous and almost lewd mime of nonchalantly thrusting this sanding member up and down which has rather stayed with me! Is it simply enough to so this, how to you ensure you’re doing it accurately, and is it enough just to re-epoxy the slot: are there any tips for ensuring you end up with a smooth enough surface to let the board slide without scratching seriously within a few hours use?

    I also idly imagained that if the inner faces of the top and bottom of the slot could be somehow lined with something resistant and slippery like nylon that this might help. Or not.

    Should I just save some pennies and ask a pro to do it? I’m happy to tackle most things, but rightly or wrongly I percieve this as a bit ghastly to put right if you foul it up.

    cheers for now

    Boris – Delphy W6330.

    Colin Parkstone

    Why not pack the centreboard sides to the box width, not the box to the plate! You can do this in the area that inside the box and not over all the plate.
    As for the inside of the box, a block with sandpaper sides is good and then coat with varnish or epoxy. Use a thin roller on a radiator roller from them horrid big DIY stores or from a much nicer corner store that may or not be in your town!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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