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    I’m looking to make a new timber boom for my wayfarer as the old one has a cack in it. I know the easy option would be to buy a standard aluminium, but every other part o the boat is wooden, right down to the tiller extension, so I’d really like to keep the boom wooden.

    I’m fairly sure the current boom I have isn’t a wayfarer boom as it’s about four inches short, and had the kicker bracket in the wrong position. Since it’s likely not a wayfarer boom, I’m reluctan to use it as a template for a new one. So… what size should a wooden wayfarer boom be?

    The class rules only state that it ‘shall comply with offcial drawings’. If anyone has access to this ‘official drawing’, or has an existing timber boom they could measure, I’d be very grateful. I only need the width and depth of the cross section.




    Although it sounds like you could use this as a good excuse to make a new boom , if the split is down the grain you could probably fix it with epoxy ?



    I have a wooden boom and can supply you with measurements if you would like.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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