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    Sylvain Caro

    Hi to everyone!

    I actually have an old classical boom vang (made with two triple pulleys and a steel wire between it and the boom) on my MK1 GRP, but it is absolutely not efficient : it’s (hardly) able to be pulled, sometimes impossible im strong winds, but it is very bad for releasing the rope (the pulley don’t let the rope easily go, and there is a blocking system that always stop too quickly and easily the rope…

    So, wich system is the more efficient, simple, strong and who does not get always tangled when stored?

    Manu thanks from France 🙂



    Hi, Sylvain.

    You have the basis for a “good” vang system right there.  I had a similar arrangement to yours with a “Vee-jammer” cleat which as you have pointed out, catches the line every time you go to release the tension.

    What I did was retain the triple pulleys, (which saved a bit of money) and brought the lines (via some turning blocks placed just below the mast tabernacle and to the rear of the thwart) out to both sides of the boat (twinning the lines) and cleat them off at cleats fixed to the thwart.  The allows you to adjust the vang tension from the sidedeck of the dinghy and seems to be pretty much standard practice for any upgrading of the vang system.

    A couple of links to the WIT site gives a bit more info:



    If that last link doesn’t work, the original link to it is available in the 2nd link shown above.

    I use the lower version in the last link.  It works well.  You don’t have to buy Harken blocks obviously, but they are strong and free running.

    As regards a tangle free vang system, I think the “cascade” system may be better in that regard.  Every time I have to disconnect and reconnect the triple pulley system, it gets tangled and drives me mad.

    Cheers with the project.  davdor

    Sylvain Caro

    Hi Davdor,

    May thanks for your message!
    And please excuse the very long time it takes to me to answer and thank you, I have serious difficulties to connect to the UKWA forum since many weeks, and when I ‘m able to connect it’s always impossible to post anything.
    If you breadths, that means that I finally was able to! 😀

    I’ll have a look at once to the links you sent to me…

    Since my first message, Ralph gave me a good solution, which permits to use the vang from the skipper place, solution very nice when sailing alone.

    And, oh, yes, the triple pulleys block makes me mad each time I disconnect it 😀

    Many thanks again, I’m going to have a look to these links….

    Best wishies,


    (and sorry for the english, I didn’t use any translator this time, I hope you’ll be able to understand my approximative english!)

    Sylvain Caro

    “if you read this

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