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    It’s time for a new boom-up cover. I have rather faded poly-cotton one which is faded and a bit frayed and has had it’s stitching repaired over my GRP Mk 2, but it has had its day. What’s the current thinking on materials? Who is pleased with their recent purchase?

    In short, what should I buy?



    Rain and Sun, excellent quality & choice of materials. Bought my second cover last year after my original finally reached the end of its days. Didn’t bother to look elsewhere, just went straight back to Rain & Sun. Bought a light grey rather than blue, hopefully will avoid the effects of UV longer.


    Rain and sun has changed their design a few years ago. It took me some time to figure out what was going on. A small boom cradle was needed that lifts the boom end (and the cover) about 8 inches (need to check the exact dimensions though). With this arrangement the puddles at the rear are totally gone. But I store my boat exactly plumb so it  drains maximal through the bailers. If you put your boat bow  up you may not need this new cover design. The R&S web site does not show anything about this boom cradle, I suggest you discuss it with them.

    R&S do show a different cover design for a Wayfarer World and I suspect that a MK4 also needs a slightly different design too because she is wider than other Wayfarers due to the way the deck is glued to the hull. Also if you may have an optional rubbing strake that may have an effect on the width of the design.

    I think Cotton is not needed for a GRP boat but not everyone agrees on this. Cotton does leave a dryer boat but it does not last as long as PVC and is more expensive. My boat is downwind from an asphalt plant that produces tiny soot particles. They clean easy from a PVC cover with a sponge and soap. I doubt if I could clean a Cotton cover that easy, if at all.

    The above should give you the most important features to discuss with your sail/cover maker.  You should get five to ten years out of a PVC cover depending on usage and if she goes in to indoor winter storage. I am on my second R&S cover. The first one lasted about 8 years and my boat is in the dinghy park all year round.

    Like Peter I didn’t even bother to look at others besides Rain & Sun. Good design, good price, good customer experience.


    Dave Barker

    I’m pleased with our R & S cover, made from Hydralite. It seems very good at shedding “bird lime” – you have to let it dry, but then it brushes off easily. The cover is quite generously cut and the shock cord around the lower edge works well. The shroud openings are a bit crude and tend to let leaves and rain/snow in, but they do at least permit the cover to fit more than one mark of Wayfarer. The mast opening seems to be slightly wrongly positioned/angled, but this is nit picking really. The transom is well-covered, which is particularly heartening for woody owners.


    Thanks for the replies and comments, it seems unanimous and I have now bought a Rain & Sun cover.


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