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    Hello everyone.

    My names mike and just joined the club, sorry if this has been asked before i’ve had a look but trying to be specific to my needs. If anyone could help out that would be much appreciated!.

    Im brand new too sailing never sailed apart form back in school a couple times many years ago i’m 36 so yeah a while ago. Im 75kg and 5’7″ tall if that helps. Im from a sea kayaking expedition back ground so i’m well in the know of sea states and conditions so respect the sea greatly. Ive read a lot for a thew years about sailing so know all the terminology and knots and read a lot about it all but just need to put it all in to practice.

    I want to get myself my first boat and want a Wayfarer, not racing purely adventures and camping out (id like to make a canvas tent they look great!) just for expeditions and exploring a mostly single handed. Take away the facts that i need to learn ect as im very keen and put 110% into anything i do and a keen outdoors man/ climber/ kayaker so respect my limits and play it safe. Id like to try and meet up and gain experience and meet like minded enthusiast to soak up some knowledge and join in on cruising events they look really fun!.

    My question is which model is more suitable for a beginner for single handed when rigged correctly, are there more buoyant versions better for capsize scenarios? preferably GRP as wood is beautiful but i’m very handy with wood and GRP but don’t want a lot of maintenance to keep on top of and will be stored outside year round and used all year not just summer. Ive read that the World is a bit harder to upright?. I’ll float the mast head thinking internally with closed cell kayak foam and glue it inside the mast and use some mast head floats from hartly boats if i can hold of some or make something nice similar.

    So what model would work better for coastal cruising and rougher conditions when i get better? what ones drain better if capsized single handed?, i cant afford a nice new one for sure but quite a thew GRP ones around varying in price looking upto about £3000 to spend ideally less though haha.

    Thanks very much for your time its much appreciated.

    Cheers Mike

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