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    Simon Tong


    I currently have a centreboard jammed stuck in my W289 after it spent too much time on a beach last night…. Assuming I manage to get the centreboard free, (and from what I gather this is going to require several hours with  a thin metal strip such as a hacksaw blade being slid up and down to remove the offending sand ) I would like to avoid the problem re-occuring. Having done a bit of website browsing this evening I discover there are a range of ‘gaskets’ available to stop unwanted objects getting inside the CB casing. However, some of these seem to be primarily concerned with water? As a cruiser in S Devon I am more concerned with sand and grit getting in. Is anyone able to advise on the best gasket to buy for my needs? It seems I am going to have to remove some of the screws in the keel bands to fit the gasket – and given the age of the boat this could be another problem… but I think I need to try something rather than sail with no centreboard! Any advice greatly received. Thanks, Simon


    Slot gaskets are made of either stiffened sail cloth or Mylar. I have used Mylar and it is quite easy to fit. Have a look on the UKWA website I think there is a “How To Do” article on there, otherwise the Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT) has one.

    Yes screws and keel band need to be removed and refitted, you also need some double sided tape as I recall and a tube of Sikaflex. It is worth having some epoxy to dribble into the screw holes to make sure water is not getting in through loose holes.

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