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    Suitability (launching and recovering) and lack of use concerns have forced me to ponder selling w653…

    Just wondered what the experts on here think she’s worth to see if it tempts be into selling her

    Work carried out last 2 years:

    Full reprint and revarnish to high standard using hempel products
    New decks to high standard

    Boats has loads of gear including:

    2 masts both metal
    3 booms two metal one wood
    Spinnaker pole and two jib sticks
    Excellent heavy duty canvas cover
    Tent with boom crutch
    3 sets of sails ranging from excellent to usable condition
    Rudder and tiller recently revarnished
    Spare rudder blade
    Centereboard prepped for paint
    All ropes and rigging in excellent order
    New deck fittings designed to look like originals fitted to the boat
    Road trailer and launching trolley (not combi)
    Front and rear hatch
    Ply to make new rear hatch
    Large box full of spares
    Reconditioned self bailers fitted
    And more I’ve probably missed out!

    Have looked around but values seem to vary hugely and as the lists above show I have put considerable effort into the boat.

    All opinions appreciated…




    The difficulty is always going to be finding someone to put the money in your hand, I haven’t looked for quite a while but there are a handful of woodies & a Mk1 composite (the best configuration !!!) in the for sale list with prices ranging from dirt cheap up to £2,500 to £3,000.

    That may help as a guide but as you are probably aware the market for the classic wooden dinghy are limited unless you appreciate what it is to sail one of these lovely boats 8)

    I can’t ever imagine selling Bramble, but good luck with whatever route you take.

    PS. if you want to find a home for your tent let me have some details 🙄

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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