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    Hi all

    for some reason when the mainsail is hoisted its is realy baggy and the clew does not reach very close to the the end of the boom ? i am begging to suspect that because the sail is realy quite old it my of gone out of shape , if this is the case do you think that a sail maker would be able to fix it or will i need to shell out a load of money for a new sail ? i shall putt up some pictures so you can see what i mean , i would realy like another opinion on this thanks. 😕




    From what I can see, which is not all of the sail, your leech tension seems to be ok, which suggests that your luff tension is too; but the foot tension is not adequate for the baginess of this sail. If your clew outhaul is tight, then I think that your sail is knackered – it is very baggy.

    I might suggest that you try someone esles sail on your rig as a comparison, as that would be a good test.

    Good luck.


    Fantasia thanks for your opinion the luff seems to be fine but it is the leech and the foot that are to be honest rather pathetic , i have found a sail i could borow . Do you Think a sail maker could make good of the sail or is it not worth the try ?

    Colin Parkstone

    To be candid, I’d say no but thats ok for us to say, your the one who would have to spend the money!
    I would say that the sail’s bolt ropes have shrunk and the sail is so out of shape from being old,Id put at more than thirty years old from here!

    You could get an estimate from a sail maker for repair or for new but I would say you maybe spending on old when it could go towards newer.

    Can I ask what you will want from another sail,race or just a sail about,reefs or no? Older race sail or something else.


    Hi colin

    Um a new sail i would probaly just need a cruising one and yes at least 1 reefing point preferably 2 , it would appear that this is the original sail from when the boat was brand new 33 years ago , there is a very good sail maker near me who may bee able to help but if not could you suggest where i could get a new one that is not going to break the bank as badly , most of the new sails i have seen are about £500 and that is quite alot of money to raise . Thanks for your help.

    Colin Parkstone

    Yes, I maybe able to help you.
    PM me with your email addy please if you can make it work, i could not?
    And we can mail off line.


    Colin. I thnk i have managed to get The PM to work and i have sent you my Addy

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