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    Hi all,

    I wish to fit two cheek blocks to my new Selden mast in order to facilitate fitting a topping lift and Secumar halliard.

    Have had a good search in the forum and learnt a great deal of excellent info’ but can’t find any specific height position.

    Probably, a measurement from the top of the mast would be more suitable. *The mast has its top sheave welded atop.

    Does anybody have any recommendations?

    I have purchased two Harken 22mm cheek blocks with sideplates and would rivet these in place. But where do I drill the holes!!!?.

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Adrian W1283 Shadowfax, Anglesey

    🙁 ❓


    I carry a Secumar and fitted the block as high as I could manage – it is just a couple of inches below the top of the mast. The reasoning was that you’d like as much leverage as possible if it does fire. I bought the smaller of the two secumars, to avoid putting too much weight aloft; it has worked once in practice in quite rough water.

    See other posts in this forum – there has been a discussion about the secumar flapping about; folk proposed varous solutions, including fixing it top and bottom. I tie a loop on the bottom of a secumar through which I run the secumar halyard returning down the mast.


    Thanks for that, Howard.

    Adrian 🙂


    Mine are 25in below the tip. The thickness of the aluminium at the tip may suprise you for pop rivets. Is that what you used Howard?


    I think I used rivets, and yes, the mast is quite chunky up there. It would certainly not hurt to come down a little.



    Just a point but beware your Secumar flapping about and chaffing through the halyard. A “friend” lashed mine to two eyes at the top of the mast and after three days cruising in Brittany it had gone. (I don’t think it inflated but didn’t see it go!). Its quite heavy and can get quite a flap.I normally lash it on myself with lots of turns of line. I don’t have mine on a halyard as rearming the thing with the soluble tablet would be nigh on impossible on the water so if it does go off I’ll leave it up until I can drop the mast.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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