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    On my wooden boat there is a piece of ply stuck onto the centre board case on the port side. It is about 5″ by 14″ stuck at an angle under the thwart. I think I know what it is for but just wanted to know if any one out there had the definitive answer.


    is it just on the one side?

    or is there another piece (just different)?


    Just the one side. I have seen other boats and by different builders, with the same piece as shown in the photograph,and present owners unsure as to the purpose.

    Colin Parkstone

    It is covering a hole into the centreboard box which used to take a bilge pump that was permanently fixed to the side of the centreboard box.

    A tube came from the bilge below and the pump worked like a bike pump by the helm and put the water into the box.

    CP 🙂


    Thanks Colin you have confirmed what I thought it was for. I might consider fixing a pump there now. Any excuse to visit a boat jumble to find that antique brass pump and other shiny bits that might come in useful.
    Regards John.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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