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    HowDoo all, The benches on our Mk 2 are fixed to the thwart using self tappers. Underneath the thwart they screw into a sort of plastic type wingnut. What do you call these things? and where would I get spares? Have managed to lose a couple in the mudfest of the Ullswater Gathering, a reet good do. W6610

    Bob Harland

    A common arrangement is to use stainless bolts, generous clearance through the benches and thwart and then penny washers and nuts.
    If you are going to remove the side benches regularly then use wing nuts, otherwise nylocks.
    I have not come across plastic wing nuts that will take self tappers. I don’t see any benefit in using self tappers. M4 should do the job.

    hope that helps


    Thanks Bob, I suspected as much as the present arrangement lets the sharp ends of the screws out of the plastic things to catch anything they can. I shall replace them with the stainless bolts and nylocs as you suggest. The forrard stbd bench is usually removed for the dog to have a bit of room for panicking in when we begin to tip up, so its wingnuts there then. Cheers. Anton and Julie W6610

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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