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    I have a GRP Mk2 Wayfarer, Westerley Build number 95 (stamped on underside of benches) and would welcome any assistance with matching this number with the boat/sail number. I have been informed that Westerley, Cornwall, no longer exist and cannot find them on the web. In addition, does anyone have any information on obtaining a replacement blue/silver Identification plate for the centre board case as mine has been removed/stolen previously. thanks, neil

    Colin Parkstone

    Neil, Welcome to the class. You may find that the number 95 could be a part number for the benches especially if it is a printed number rather that engraved into the wood.
    You may find a number on the outside of the transom moulded into the gell coat which may help.

    regards Colin.


    Thanks Colin,
    my last Westerley built wayfarer had the blue/silver plate (which is missing from my current one, only the rivets remain) and the plate gave the build number, and the boat/sail number, and these numbers corresponded to the number stamped on the underside of the benches, and the sail number. This is how I am aware of the correllation. I was hoping that someone might have access to the Westerley register and be able to tell me the boat/sail number which corresponds to build number 95. thanks again, neil

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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