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    Still Gamboling wrote:
    ‘Next job is to find a system to keep the spinnaker out of the crew’s way when it’s dropped’.

    We had the ssame problem when we owned W10508. We’ve asked for a netting retainer to be fitted from under the port seat to the floor on W10628 to resolve the problem. The spi will stow between netting and hull.

    Will keep forum posted when we get the boat (hopefully 08May).


    I have heard of another technique for stowing the spinnaker: The retrieval line passes through a ring on the end of a piece of elastic. As the spinnaker is pulled in the retrieval patch comes up against the ring and stretches the elastic. When the spinnaker is fully retrieved and in the chute, the retrieval line is released and the elastic pulls the tail of the spinnaker back under the foredeck. Sounds simple and I hope that I have explained it sufficiently.


    Many thanks for the two suggestions for storing the spinnaker out of the crew’s way, one of which I shall certainly try to use!
    Look forward to participating in the new season’s events, hopefully with all the little niggles sorted!


    Thinking about the system that I suggested, I realise that I have got it slightly wrong. The principal is correct, but the ring should be attached to elastic that goes athwartship and is fixed at each end, like a bow. This would stop the elastic being pulled out of the chute during the launch. I hope that this helps, but I expect it would need quite a lot of adjustment to refine the system.

    Colin Parkstone

    It was a shame Laura that your club officials did not recognise that aging Wayfarer sailors are not in the habit of trashing any facilities loaned to them and has been proved before can be trusted to have respect for the same.
    I am sorry that your club has been misused in the past and has spoilt it for the rest of us,try not to be sullied by the minority.

    So glad you all had a good time and sorry to have missed it!!

    C P 🙂


    Kathy and I were unable to attend the WOSC for family reasons. Thanks to Mike and Laura for sending me the full results, which I have now published as a news item on the main website. I hope that you can download this OK.

    It looks like Ian Richards and Adam Light from Great Moor SC in their Mark 4 gave Quentin and Gordon a run for their money. They have obviously been practising over the winter!


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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