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    Hi, just trying to rally up some enthusiasum for next weekend! I’m planning to sail with Q to defend our title and wondered who else might join us for some tight racing?
    Come on pull those shiney new boats out and let them loose!



    Hi Martin, Sue and I are hoping to be there. Still love our new boat and curious which of the three available to you and Q will be used to defend your title? Is it to be one of the painted ladies or Q’s new Hartley?


    It’ll be good to see you. As for which boat…….we’ll just have to wait and see! 😉


    Having wasted some two hours of our time and 100 miles of fruitless towing to Taunton and home again on Friday, feeling a little cross that on re-reading the posted advert for the West Oxford Open Meeting….it very clearly states that camping on site is available for the Friday and Saturday nights.

    To be told the Commodore specifically prohibits this whilst we were en route was a real put off. It is not the quality of sailing water we went there for last year, or intended this year, it is hardly a choice venue for that. It was to catch up with Wayfarer friends, have a fun race and a couple of very social evenings alongside the lake.

    I hope those who did go, enjoyed themselves before being ushered off the lake before 1230hrs on Sunday to make way for the club races. I don’t think we will be making tracks in that direction again.

    I have written to the Commodore with my thoughts.


    Hello Liam

    I am sensing some tension. ..but the silver lining might be that there is still enough diesel in the tank to get you and Sue [and boat] to Waldringfield in a few short weeks..



    Hi all

    yes and there is camping in WSC Carpark (as long as you are beyond the trees – because carpark will be pretty full on Saturday) and an Oriental Evening (with a pre-booked English alternative for the non-adventerous) plus Bar arranged for Saturday evening – (Same caterer as last year Colin) Really looking forward to seeing some of you there


    Any observations as to how the Hartleys performed versus the Woodies and +S’s .

    My own experience at Shoreham has been be-devilled by problems with the chute which has cost us three races .

    Without the probs I have concluded that in the light stuff my Hartley is about 5% faster all-round .

    We’ve had only half an hour of force 3-4 so far this season and we seemed much faster to windward but for the fact that I have finished up flat on my back after a couple of tacks !!!


    Should add that I’ve been using old sails to enable fair comparison ‘tween hull shapes !


    When we picked up our boat the spinnaker halyard was too long with the result that more often than not, especially if helm does not gather in all loose stuff before drop, we would end up with spinnaker under the boat or at least some part of the halyard.
    Experience also showed helm has too much to do in mark roundings etc to gather in enough. I took big risk and shortened it (actually cut the halyard!)by some considerable margin. We have not dropped it under the boat since.!
    A guide for the length is with head end tied to lower spinnaker pole hoop on mast with generous figure 8 ( I use a bobble at the head anyway) I can get downhaul end tied to the forestay pin on the bow again with generous fig 8 knot and the rope is slack but not lying loose around the boat.With the downhaul coming through the chute the two ends of the rope cannot meet. When I first had the boat, not only did they meet I could make a basket with the spare rope.
    This means when I rig the spinnaker and tie the bobble at the head I have to position the head of the sail at my head height , then tie the downhaul to the patch.
    Hope all that made a little sense!!!
    One day I will get around to measuring the full length of the rope as I have it now. It is just one of those jobs which I never have time to do.


    Thanks Liam .

    I had already got round to shortening the spi halyard but then consulted Ian Porter .

    His advice was ;

    1. Uncleat the spi halyard and concentrate on pulling the spi in – one should have it in before it can go under the bow !!!

    2. Make sure the crew keeps some tension on the sheet at the same time as he/she disconnects the pole – this worked well until there was some stress (aka panic ) at the last mark . As a result I have now marked the sheet at the point that ,when taut , it won’t quite reach the bow when cleated at this point and we will retrieve the rest of the spi as we sail the beat !!

    3. We have also rigged the downhaul on the inside of the spi – when we had it on outside it would gather too much of the foot of the spi to inhibit a quick recovery .

    4. Decided to do away with the down-haul in very light conditions .

    How was W Oxford apart from the camping – can’t find any results .

    Will you be staying in Worthing for the Shoreham meeting or do we need to cater for your camper ?


    No Knowledge on how West Oxford went. Will be stopping in Worthing on the Friday night and at Shoreham SC on the Saturday if poss.


    We had intended to go to West Oxford, but he prospect of cold nights in a tent combined with a brand-new boat joining a “Bash” put us off! Just as well, given that camping option was withdrawn at the last moment. Still not sure if I want to risk similar close encounters of the painful kind at Waldringfield … .
    Alan – to prevent the spinnacker sheets from dropping under the boat, we fitted a “catcher” – aware of the danger of snagging and possibly ripping the sail, we used a Viagra-impregnated piece of bungee (rigid but not painful, as some might say) – trouble was, the spinnacker downhaul got caught under it. However, since shortening the halyard and remembering to keep the uphaul taut, plus asking the crew to wait before uncleating the guy from the spinnacker pole, it hasn’t happened. I find dropping the spinnacker a lot easier than on the Laser 2000, thanks to the nice wide hole in the foredeck. Next job is to find a system to keep the spinnacker out of the crew’s way when it’s dropped.
    It would be interesting to see a set of results for the first Wayfarer event of the season. Any reason why neither the Wayfarer nor host club website has one listed?

    W10614 – Still Gamboling (naff but not controversial or of questionable taste, as many of your suggestions were, and so Bobbie abd I are still talking!).

    Dave Bevan

    The spinni on our new Hartley or rather the chute, has given us similar difficulty, so I’ve read these recent posts with interest. Launching and setting is no problem, but recovery has been a challenge, and like finalgambol, it’s then under the crew’s and children’s feet (we’ve only sailed 4-up so far!). I will try trimming the halyard/downhaul as a first step. Our first race will be on Wednesday evening, but based on the forecast, it’s looking like a bit of a drifter.

    Dare I ask – what’s Viagra-impregnated bungee?

    Colin Parkstone

    ” Leave it Colin ” I can hear my fleet captains voice now !!!!!

    Bob Harland

    Abridged Results are posted here;

    And I am forwarded this by Laura Hutchins;

    WOSC is delighted to confirm that another successful Wayfarer Open has taken place on our beautiful lake. Fourteen club boats and six visitors enjoyed the challenges set by the wind and by our race officers, and close racing demanded the full range of skills from our wide ranging competitors.
    Regrettably our rear commodore, who has previously welcomed our guests and camped over with them was not able to attend this year so a note was posted on the forum asking people to book camping in advance. Unfortunately, at short notice none of the memebers were able to commit to camp in his place. Directions to the (very) local campsite were provided for those who asked.
    Like many clubs, WOSC is supported by passionate and committed volunteers and we all contribute as time and skills allow. We hope that we receive the same level of positive feedback next year as this, for what was a very happy event. We apologise to anyone who was inconvenienced or disappointed by the change in facilities on this occasion.

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