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    Dave Barker

    I don’t know quite what to think about that, Jim. Anyway I can’t take any credit for naming the boat – the name was inherited. To be honest I thought I would change the name when we bought the boat, but other people liked it, so we left well alone.

    I’m sure we’ll meet for a sail sometime soon. You’re not going on the tidal training then?




    I am afraid I wont be able to make the training, I rather felt it would be the case, but I was hanging on hoping for the best.

    It is a great pity because it would have given me the chance to meet people with more experience and maybe set up some new contacts for sailing.

    I assume you are still going along?

    Let me know how it goes, perhaps if Matt runs it again next year, I shall get there.

    I have just returned from the Abbey sailing Club where a couple of mates and I have been planning a canoe trip along the Thames from Lechlade to a little spot named Tadpole Bridge.

    We are doing it as a reccy for the sailing event next year (nothing to do with the pubs en route of course).

    If you or any of your pals ever fancy a sail on the Thames here at Abingdon, please let me know. You would be welcome to visit the ASC and launch. We have a good little club house too.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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