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    Good’day to you all.

    After a lifetime dreaming about it, I waited until I was forty-something before I bought myself an Enterprise (called Klingon) and taught myself to sail her, mostly by falling over and getting wet, then finding out why so I could avoid repeating the experience.

    Klingon has been a great teacher and friend, my two sons and I have had fun together, trailing all over the place, camping and sailing in sea and lakes. But the boys have grown bigger and so have I, eventually I have had to admit, like Roy Scheider, “we need a bigger boat”. I have always admired the Wayfarer, read the books by Frank and Margaret Dye (a bit too adventurous, perhaps) and so, having never sailed one, I bought my Mk 2 Wayfarer, Kez.

    I am now doing the cosmetic jobs to try to make her as beautiful as my image of her and replacing some of the corroded fittings that have been attacked by seawater. I should get her in the water sometime in August, if I get on with it. The most daunting task is removing a concoction of antifouling and gloss paint from below the waterline, yuk. She was left on a mooring in the Orwell, apparently; the mast in particular has not enjoyed the environment and may need replacing sometime soon.

    I look forward to meeting a few of you along the South Coast, the Broads and the Lake District, or maybe at my club, Weir Wood in Sussex.


    The Lakes ( Windermere to be precise) is where i keep my recent introductioion to Wayfarers, the Emma B, hopefully see you around up there.

    We’re down at the bottom, just about a mil eup from the Lakeside Hotel.




    Spike, What is Wierwood like for sailing, and can you launch there if you are not a member?


    Hi Adrian,

    Weirwood is great, and although Grafham and Rutland are bigger and Bewl Water has a very nice clubhouse, I would still rather be at Weirwood. It helps that I live only about 10 minutes drive from there, it is close to Forest Row in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex.

    We have about 250 Acres of water and if you sail far enough you can be out of site of the clubhouse, which is small but in good order and has a good kitchen and bar for lunch and drinkies after a hard day sailing. Surrounded by trees and rolling countryside, it has some fierce wind bends but that’s part of the skill, knowing where they are and how to make use of them.

    As far as I am aware you are not supposed to launch if you are a non-member, but the Commodore, Tony is a good bloke and if it’s a one off I am sure he would welcome a visitor. If you want to come down and have a go I would be happy to sound him out for you.

    I am still not in a position to launch Kez as I seem unable to stop myself from filling and rubbing down, tidying up and scraping old paint off her bottom and generally faffin’ about. Still hopeful of a launch sometime this autumn.

    Then the fun starts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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