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    We have a Wayfarer World. The centreboard is very loose in its housing and so to keep it in position we use carefully placed bungies. Not a very satisfactory arrangement. I have bought the brake item which consist of what looks like a bit of hose pipe. My question is, does anyone know what is the best method for removal of the centre board? I have been told to place the boat on its side, but am concerned that due to the weight of the boat this might cause damage. There is no visible pivot bolt, so – is the board removed inside the boat or from below. How high will we need to raise the boat in order to remove the board?

    Bob Harland

    Hi, best to get the boat on its side. When we had a World we would slide the trolley out from under the boat by lifting the bow, soft grass was a good surface for this. Two people could do this. Then careen the boat onto it’s side – with the mast up. You may want some extra padding under the side of the boat at least to stabilise its position. Take the spinnaker or jib halyard (not the main halyard) and secure that to a fixed or heavy object to hold the boat in position.

    Push the centreboard down some from inside the boat.  The centreboard should have a cut-out that sits over the pivot and covering the cut-out a plate screwed in position. This should be visible from the underside. If the plate is removed the centreboard will unhook and slide out – from inside the boat.

    If it is just putting the brake on then there maybe no need to remove the board – just depends on what you have there already. Once the new brake is in position leave the screws slack until the centreboard is back in otherwise refitting the centreboard may be difficult. Tighten the brake screws to give the right amount of friction.

    If the board is still sloppy in the case it is possible to add some thin strips at top and bottom of the case to reduce the play.

    The pivot bolt is permanently glassed into the boat.

    If you don’t have slot gasket fitted this is worth adding. And while you are under the boat check the screws holding the keel band – they may well want some sealant to keep them snug and stop any leaks.


    hope that helps


    Hi Bob. Thanks very much for all this advise. I expect we will attempt the job next weekend. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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