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    Julian Midgley

    Does anyone have a drawing or picture of the device fitted to Wayfarer World Centreboards to hold them in place?

    For the uninitiated (as I was until my crew pulled the centreboard (W9983) off its pivot a couple of days ago), the World’s centreboard has a slot cut from the bolt hole to the lower edge of the board.  My board has the remains of two screw holes on the leading edge of the board, either side of this slot, from which, and a little research, I gather there is supposed to be a metal plate with a plastic rod attached that fills the slot and holds the board to the pivot.  You fit the centreboard from the top of the centreboard case with the boat on its side (or raised so that you can lower the board enough to get it on), and then screw this roughly T shaped piece in place.  (All this because the bolt ends on the World aren’t readily accessible, so you can’t simply unscrew it.)

    Anyway, I need to make a new T-shaped piece, and it would be good to see an existing one first.


    Kieran Branagan

    Hi Julian   Have exactly the same issue.  Need to make some form of T shaped bracket to hold centreboard in place in my Wayfarer world.  Did you get any photos/recommendations?  Kieran


    Assuming you cannot buy one from Hartley boats and wish to make one then to make a replacement you will need a 316 grade stainless steel plate with a stainless steel tube welded on at the correct angle and long enough to just reach the pivot pin when installed. The sizes will have to be measured from the centreboard.  An alternative would be to cut up a plastic bread board and sandwich two pieces together with self tapping A4 stainless countersunk screws and cut it to fit the slot. This could then be screwed onto a stainless steel plate again with countersunk stainless screws. this would not be as strong and you would have to be careful to ensure the screws did not go right through and scratch the centreboard case.  The stainless steel construction is best and you can buy the stainless from metals4you and if you have a stainless steel car exhaust manufacturer near you they could TIG weld the pieces together. This is what I would do.  I would regard the breadboard construction only as a temporary measure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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