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    Robert McConnell


    Myself and my girlfriend Ciara have just become the new owners of Wayfarer W452 ‘Wayward‘. We have moved her from Suffolk to her new home in Dublin, Ireland after a long drive to the ferry in Holyhead. The boat is a beautifully restored 1962 Mark I Wood and we are both really looking forward to sailing it.

    I want to thank everyone here on the forums and in the class association for the huge amount of detailed resources that made the process much easier and less cloudy. We are both pretty new sailors and most of our experience comes from small keelboats so we have a lot to learn. The Wayfarer book is a fantastic read with brilliant illustrations and we are very excited to start implementing what we have learned from it.

    I am sure that I will have a lot of questions to ask and look forward to talking to you here on the forums and hopefully sailing with some of you in the future.

    Kind regards,

    Dave Barker

    Ahoy Robert,

    That sounds like a great boat. Well done, and keep posting! (Thanks for the kind words too).

    Jerome FR – W447

    Hello Robert,
    Your boat number is the closest to mine, as I ever read for the moment in this fantastic forum (I’ve very recently joined the community).
    Less than 2 years after your message above, I hope you still both take a lot of pleasure aboard.

    I have estimated mine was a 1961 model (however, I’m probably wrong)
    5 numbers after, yours is a 1962 model.
    Does a general register exist with the boat’s number, the year they have been built, by whom?

    I currently try to rebuild the history of my boat, and it might help.


    Dave Barker

    W447 is almost certainly a 1961 boat, (as is W452 according to the listing elsewhere on this website, which gives W319 to W509 for that year).

    But it is possible that a sail number may have been issued before the boat was completed, and perhaps a delay may have meant that W452 was finished in the following year. (This is just my speculation).

    Sometimes our Secretary, Sarah, will have the original measurement certificate for an early boat, which may be of interest.


    Jerome FR – W447

    Thank you a lot, Dave.

    Between my message above and your response today, I have had the surprise to discover in my mailbox the 2 last UKWA’s magazines and one paper, very important to me: The guide to the age of secondhand Wayfarers.
    This confirms your knowledge.

    Happy Sunday, Dave, and you all as well.

    PS:  a very huge thank you UKWA for welcoming so well the new members.

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