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    I wonder if anybody could help.

    I bought a second hand Wayfarer last year with a combi trailer/trolley of unknown make or vintage (but probably mid/late 90’s). Both the trolley and roadbase are A frame. The trolley has a square axle. Its longitudinal members rest inside the A frame of the road base supported at its forward end by the extensions to the boat’s bow support (they rest on the trailer) while at the aft end the trolley’s axle rests on two lugs just aft of the trailer axle (I’m not describing this very well!). There are no integral rollers which are often found on road bases for the trolley to roll along.

    To remove the trolley/boat from the road base, you have to lift the front of the trailer up and support it by lowering the mast support, which acts as a leg at the front. The trolley/boat is then slid off the road base. Loading the trolley/boat back on to the road base is the reverse procedure.

    The road base is in quite good condition but the trolley is quite rusty. Ideally I would like to replace the trolley with a new one which will be compatible with the roadbase.

    From my (admittedly poor) description does anybody recognise the make of the combi? I could then contact them to see if they can help.


    Colin Parkstone

    Sounds like a Moores combi but they have stopped trading.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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