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    What are the best clips to semi-permanently attach bridle under gunwale of my old ‘woody’ W1111 with Canvass Windmill tent.
    Rather reluctant to fit clips, but if the best way, will ‘grit my teeth’.
    How far apart do they need to be ? Want to use as few as possible.
    Also, assume can then be routed along bottom edge of spray deflector rather than through handles. Definately don’t want to have clips on deflector.
    If bad weather expected will pass extra lines under hull – as last ‘summer’.
    Used the tent a total of nearly 3 weeks, but need to improve bridle so can remain in place while sailing.


    Click on this


    (Knew I’d read it somewhere)

    Would be interested in hearing a bit about 3 weeks in a Wayfarer tent this summer, it was bad enough on land!


    Bob Harland

    As per Dave’s link, I used Rob Wagstaff’s / Canvas Windmill plastic fittings.
    They are quite discrete, under the gunwhale – close to the hull.

    How many – depends on the diametre of your bridal rope. We had (I think) 3 down each side, which was not enough with the 3mm bridle rope. So will be adding a couple more.

    We manage without any on the foredeck, instead make a Y junction to the stemhead with just the bridle rope.
    It depends on your tent, but ours sit forward of the deflectors, so clips there are no good.

    hope that helps


    Thanks for info.
    Like look of modified rwo 2900 clips.
    5mm line o.k.?


    Hi Dave Mac,
    Thanks for helpful link about tent bridle fixing – UKWA forum is brilliant !!
    Regarding last ‘summer’ – confess to taking the ‘soft’ option – day sailing from Mylor harbour. At a price, but worth it – excellent facilities.
    10 days June & 12 Sept. inc. Tall Ships.
    Another confession – only cooked a handful of main meals thanks to my friends Tony & Jenny being nearby with their 30 footer.
    Cheating I know, but rude to refuse hospitality !!
    However, spent every night ‘under canvas’ & surprisingly comfortable.
    Sailed a variety of boats over the years, but am a Wayfarer ‘liveaboard’ novice – steep learning curve !
    My mainly single-handed relatively short trips were aided by ‘big’ slab & genoa reefing from Michael Mac & Rob Helyar – invaluable.
    Probably should have replied by private mail so if there’s any one who wants to swop notes then pm me.


    Hi Steve
    Yes, the forum is excellent! Personally I think its fine to put it all out on the forum, I only PM if I’m wanting to avoid controversy or trying to take a back seat. I visited Mylor last summer without boat and would dearly like to sail there as facilities and location look excellent. Think there might be an abundance of Wayfarers nearby sometime this summer!


    Hi Bob,
    Sorry, didn’t say thanks directly to you for tent bridle help.
    Decisions, decisions – plastic or metal – 3mm or 5mm line ?
    Think I’ll try both & see which works best.
    Won’t have a problem with RWO, but where’d you get your plastic ones ?
    Many thanks,


    I don’t use clips. I use 3 or 4 bungee cords (approx 12mm dia not too strong) under the boat with a plastic hook at one end.

    I hook one end of each bungee to a shroud and then pass them all under the rudder and boat (via the stern or bow) and tie to the other shroud. Its simple then to hook/tie them to the tent as required. (The knot I use is a slip knot the same as I use for the cover)

    If aground I can usually get most of them on by wiggling the boat but its dead easy afloat and no fastenings are needed for a bridle

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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